Winning the competition

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Not long ago, I wrote about how to earn $ 10 a day .
It was a post for a contest where the winner was to receive $ 100.

All the participants fought with dignity. But won the friendship!

How? It's very simple. The winner decided to divide the prize for all participants. That's an unheard-of generosity!

So I got $ 25. Author contest moved me the means by Yandex. By simple electronic exchange I received $ 22.15 on the purse WebMoney.

Where to spend the money I had already thought of and spent :)

Soon everything will be known. I can only say one thing: money spent on a new online project. What is it? Wait ... all soon to tell.

Launched another contest, but rather action, as anyone here do not have to compete. One blogger offers free registration to thirty social bookmarking services . All you need to do - write a post or put a link to a page sentry contest and announce the registration data.
More on the blog itself ...

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Published: Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at 19:48
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