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Everyone who is pretty tired of the constant waste of money at a gas station, tormented one burning question: How to save money on your car?

Экономия топлива

The savings can be in two cases:
- You have a new car and you spend a minimum amount of money for maintenance.
- You save money on fuel. Saving does not mean that you have less to travel by car. You just can reduce fuel consumption. How to do it, know not all. In this article, we'll talk about how that affects fuel consumption.

So, let's begin. First of all, the "appetite" of your vehicle is heavily dependent on your driving style. Applying pressure on the gas pedal increases the consumption of petroleum products by 15-25%. Essentially, it it?

Effectively deal with the large consumption of fuel is possible only when your car is fully functional. What does this mean? Is the compression should be within the normal range. Fuel should also be faulty. Bearing on the wheels of the car must be easy enough to go round. Brake pads while driving should not come into contact with the brake discs.

Fuel economy in cars

To save fuel, liquefied oil should be poured into the crankcase of the engine and the gearbox (the thin, within reasonable limits, of course). Particular attention should be paid to the collapse of the car. To save fuel also worth considering the presence of tubeless tires with a radical design. Also, do not overload the generator car. Radio, for example, on a very large volume, heated seats, running without lights, heaters and various other electrical appliances always increase fuel consumption.

On sale today there are new devices that supposedly save fuel. The purpose of these devices to reassure the buyer that the machine "eats" a lot less than before. Perhaps, devices and fuel economy, but the increase in travel time actually leads to even greater costs. The exact percentage of savings is unlikely anyone will tell you.

Regularly check the pressure in the tires of your car. Even a slight deviation from the norm may be a 5-10% increase in consumption.

For efficient fuel economy, the Board was of the above rules!

There is the experience of fuel economy for cars? Share in the comments to the article.

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Published: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 09:15
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