Airbags in cars

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Every car enthusiast, car buying myself a very responsible approach to its choice of such a massive demand in the market, which is now observed. And as experience shows, the first thing he pays attention to such characteristics as car design, interior, engine and vehicle safety.

Подушки безопасности

Yes, no matter what class of vehicle purchases, its future owner, he always thinks everything about the reliability of his vehicle.

Today and every car manufacturer openly and persistently voiced security of their cars. And special attention is paid to the inflatable airbags.

The location of the driver's airbag - steering control system, and the passenger - the dashboard. Front air bags are saving drivers and passengers from death in frontal collisions. Also, almost all modern cars, there are side air bags in charge of security during side impacts in road accidents.

Airbags in cars

The airbag is the electric pulse applied via pressure sensors or abrupt changes in acceleration. The location of these sensors inside the car - it's either the door or the front of the car, and their number varies from three to ten, depending on the brand and the manufacturer of the vehicle. For a complete airbag inflators requires 30-55 milliseconds.

Statistics on accidents occurring argues that in the passenger car airbag reduces the probability of death of the occupants in an average of 23%. This percentage is very significant to ensure that your car has been carefully equipped with this safety design your own life.

Pillows in cars

With all of this in order to extract the maximum percentage of the reliability of airbags and driver and passenger must always observe the following rules: Always wear a seat belt, the driver's hands should be placed on the side of the wheel and the passenger must, first, sit, and lie not in the seat, and second, to hold it in place in the middle.

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