The transition to natural gas - auto gas equipment

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Petrol going up around the world and fall in price will not be - it's a fact. How to avoid the rising costs of the motorist?

Переход на газомоторное топливо

You can reduce or eliminate travel on their own cars - the prospect of not the most pleasant. There is an option to accept and pay for the fuel, more and more, by cutting themselves in something else. Also, to put it mildly, not the best solution.

Gas fuel

Fortunately, there is a wonderful alternative - switch on the gas! Installation of gas equipment in the car - not just a significant savings, but also care about the environment.

Auto gas equipment

So, study the obvious benefits:

1. The benefit to the wallet

Net savings when switching to gas is 30 to 50 percent. Thus, it is possible to travel to the former regime, and pay less! Turning the car on gas, oil change you'll be less likely - because its consumption will decrease. Again the savings! But already saved you will always find what to spend.

2. The benefit for the car

Gas for the car engine is preferable to gasoline. "The heart of the steel horse" when working on a blue fuel wears more slowly, turnaround "engine" increases one and a half to two times. Much better ignition system works, candles last longer by 40%. Gas fuel does not wash away the oil film from the surface of the cylinder, and this - increase engine life.

Gas fuel

3. The benefit for the environment

It is necessary to switch to gas - and the exhaust from the vehicle carbon dioxide (CO2) will fall sharply. Agree damn good to know that the air is cleaner!

In short - it's time to move on the gas! Save for the benefit of the environment.

And recently in the Duma was introduced by the federal law that allows regional authorities to use gas fuel for public transport for energy efficiency.

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Published: Friday, July 5, 2013 at 09:43
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