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What is sms-gateway?

Let's say you visit a resource that provides a service for sending sms-messages. This site uses a special algorithm, allowing the sending of sms-messages without using a mobile phone. They take the form of letters to be sent via e-mail, or converted into requests http.

Список рабочих sms-шлюзов

What, then, are sms-gateways

The most common of these is SMS2EMAIL, SMS2Skype, WEB2SMS

More about Web2SMS

You came face to face with the interface on the sites, especially in the absence of money on your mobile phone. Intuitively understandable, and most importantly - free. There are even applications that allow you to send sms-messages, I'm not talking about the services feature set of API, allowing to work with sms.

But the most fun we will have when meeting with the gateway SMS2Email

This function provides the user with a gateway sending sms-messages via e-mail via mobile phone. In the U.S., the service providers are at most of the companies providing mobile communication. And in the UK you can use this service even in the provider network that does not use this service directly. For example, as the company Connectotel supported service M-Mail.

Please note that the sms - is not only a text message that can be opened on a mobile phone.

Some companies allow their customers to send text messages to landline phones. Special robots sms converted to speech and play it back to the subscriber.

In this case, the subscriber can send a voice message to the sender's mobile phone, using voice mail right away from your desk phone. Corporate sms-gateways are purchased by large companies for online access to databases, business applications and the rapid alert staff.

List of working SMS-gateway

AT & T @
Cingular @
Cingular # 2 @
Verizon @
Sprint PCS @
T-Mobile @
Alltel @
Alltel # 2 @
CellularONE @
Green's Communications @
GTE Wireless @
Nextel @
Omnipoint @
Qwest @
SMF / Schuylkill Mobile Fone @
SouthernLinc @
Suncom @
Rogers Wireless Canada @
Napishi.Ru Send a message

And now I will make you happy. In Russia, too, has such a service and provides its mobile operator Beeonline . You simply register on the site, or send a message with the text "06849909" to activate the service.

Beeline Russia @
F1 Communications Eagle @
GSM Ulyanovsk @
InterAntena Kazan
Kontinental Lipetsk
Mobil Telecom Kaluga @
RANET Moscow
RCA Kazan
SmsClub Moscow
Vessolink Moscow @
YeniseyTelecom Russia @
Alcom Electronics Kemerovo @
Astrahanpeydzh Astrakhan
Baikalwestcom Irkutsk @
BM Telecom Ufa
VessoLink Saint Petersburg @
Vesso-Tel Vladivostok @
Vestkom Samara
Orient express Novosibirsk
Dzhakur Tomsk
Dontelecom @
Evroproekt Ulyanovsk @
Single paging Abakan
United Paging Saratov
Single paging Ulyanovsk
Single paging Tyumen
Interpeydzh Ulyanovsk @
Spark-Page Krasnoyarsk
Iteks Pskov @
CCC Kaliningrad
Kodashim Chelyabinsk
Continental Ekaterinburg
Kuban-GSM Krasnodar @
Megaphone Russia 7 <number> @
MegaFon Ural Khanty-Mansiysk @
Megafon Siberia Russia +7 <number> @
Megaphone Penza @
Mobicom-Kirov Kirov @
Mobile Service Tyumen @
Mobiltelecom East Vladivostok
Mobiltelecom Astrakhan
Mobiltelecom Barnaul
Mobiltelecom Kazan
Mobiltelecom Moscow @
Mobiltelecom Omsk @
Mobiltelecom Cherepovets
MTS Russia @
Send a message
MTS Russia @ Scs?
Send a message
Multi-Page Moscow @
NGTS Novosibirsk @
NPC Continental Krasnoyarsk
Omsk pager Omsk
Paragon Krasnoyarsk
Paging company Novosibirsk
Penza-GSM Penza @
PS Continental Moscow
Radiopeydzh Moscow @
Radiopeydzh Tashkent
Sibpeydzh Nizhnevartovsk
Sibpeydzh Novosibirsk
SIBTON & TransKom Novosibirsk
SMARTS Togliatti @
CCC-900 Novosibirsk @ Scs?
STlink Perm
Taxco Moscow @
TTC Magadan
UralSvyazInform Perm @
Send a message
HantymansiyskElektroSvyaz Khantymansiysk
Excom Ekaterinburg @
Excom Lipetsk

Solid Paging Minsk
Belradiopeydzh Minsk @
Vessobel Minsk
Mobilkom Minsk

Beeline Almaty @ Send a message
K-Mobile Almaty @ Send a message
Kcell Almaty 7701 ******* @ Currently not available

MTS Uzbekistan web interface Send a message

LMT Latvia @ Send a message
Tele2 Latvia @ Send a message

Domestic need to send a sms-message with any content to the number 7021. This will unlock the opportunity to receive sms with the e-mail. By default, Kyivstar has disabled this feature.

Список Украинских sms-шлюзов

Note that activate only the holder number. And unlock this function is carried out during the day with the receipt of the request (sending sms). Exact details in support of Kyivstar, because the world is not standing still. Send Message

Kyivstar (contractual and corporate packages) GSM 900/1800 380 ********* @ Send a message
Kyivstar (pack Ace & Base) GSM 900/1800 380 ********* @
Kyivstar (package Djuice) GSM 900/1800 380 ********* @ Send a message
UMC (contractual and corporate packages) GSM 900/1800 38050 ******* @ Send a message
UMC (Package Sim-Sim) GSM 900/1800 38050 ******* @ Send a message
UMC (virtual operator Jeans) GSM 900/1800 ******* @ Send a message
UMC (virtual operator Jeans) GSM 900/1800 ******* @ Send a message
life :) GSM 900/1800 mail2sms not supported Send a message
Beeline GSM 900/1800 38068 ******* @ Send a message
Golden Telecom GSM 1800 +38039 ******* @ Send a message

Orange GSM 900/1800 mail2sms not supported Send a message
Moldcell GSM 900/1800 mail2sms not supported Send a message
Unite CDMA2000 mail2sms not supported Send a message
Interdnestrcom CDMA 777 ***** @ Send a message
For the operation of the service sms-mail you need to order it from the operator

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