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Twitter has earned his rightful place as a social network. It is used by millions, but after innovation, allowing you to download photos to the service, from the visitors no end.

Want to learn more about Kaspersky Lab? Stock up on patience and knowledge. Below I will give a fairly tight list microblogging Laboratory. Why the dictionary? Since most of them are in English, but it's worth it. And to learn a little bit of the language, terminology, you know, difficult.

О Касперском в Твиттере

Account Number of followers Characterization
ryanaraine 10021 Ryan Naraine - In the first place of the list is an expert who writes about security and hackers. He is very active, writes a lot on business.
e_kaspersky e_kaspersky_ru 110314 Evgeny Kaspersky - This expert writes about travel to conferences in the field of IT. So tasty travel have not posted one!
nicolasbrulez 4667 Nicolas Brulez - Mailing lists, lots of lists, as well as links to articles about viruses. Specializing in Facebook threats, General malware trends and Twitter Threats.
craiu 4860 Costin Raiu - An expert from Romania will make you happy every day. Prolific car on topics General malware trends, JavaScript attacks and Online banking.
stefant 2375 Stefan Tanase - This mikroblogger also from Romania. His area of ​​interest includes the global trends for the protection of PCs and software, security in social networks, cyber-attacks on the bank system, the viruses for websites, Targeted attacks, botnets and phishing.
dennisf 2091 Dennis Fisher - The expert from the United States share market news. His twitter, Dear Dnevnichok will tell you about the actual conference and exhibition in the fight against viruses, of course, on which he was.
assolini 2147 Fabio Assolini - The expert from Brazil mainly tells about the attacks on the financial system in Brazil, will talk about social engineering, phishing, and security in social networks. True Account had closed, so be careful.
jorgemieres 1628 Jorge Mieres - Want to meet with the Spanish language? Then you are on the microblog bilingual experts from Argentina, who writes in English and Spanish.
dimitribest 3430 Dmitry Bestuzhev - In Spanish expert and writes from Ecuador, specializing primarily in Trojans for the banking system, international security and social engineering.
schouw 1233 Roel Schouwenberg - On the bugs with the software Adobe tell the expert from the United States. His areas of expertise include espionage (political and corporate) with the use of targeted attacks, as well as anti-virus tests and standards.
cteodor 438 Teodor Cimpoesu - Current news about the IB can be found in the Romanian director tweeted office, I advise you not to miss this microblog.
k_sec 1335 Kurt Baumgartner - Resercher of the United States shall publish notice of viruses is important broadcasts of the conference on twitter. Professionally interested in targeted attacks, cyber espionage, botnets, cloud security, Java malware and security updates.
codelancer 1745 Alexander Guest - Did you know that 13 - is a lucky number? So, with that number we have hidden the main anti-virus expert. Uses Russian and English, and specializes in cyber espionage, malware for mobile, enterprise threats and monitors the trend of international kibeprestupleny.
k1k_ 608 Sergey Golovanov - Account BOS provides readers with a lot of good information about botnets, threats to social networks or malicious programs in online games, as well as about the threat to MacOSi UnixOS.
trompi 419 Vicente Diaz - Barcelona specializes in social media expert steel, banking, malware, exploits, IT-security.
kuzbari 4715 Tarek Kuzbari - not too interested in the technical side of IT managing director of the office Milddle East & Turkey, it is - first and foremost a businessman.
maksyms 119 Maxim Tweak - London's Russian-language expert says not so often, but well talk about phishing, spam and cloud technologies.
vkamluk 186 Vitaly Kamlyuk - Attention, another private account. The expert Vitaly studying botnets, online attacks and spam.
micham 52 Michael Molsner - The expert from Japan focuses on the problems of spam, fake antivrusov, spam, and phishing.

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