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Network - is not only useful invention of mankind in the XXI century, but also a potential threat. In recent years, cases of cyber attacks and fraud by e-mail. For example, be careful if you intruders sent the following letter.

Зафиксирован обман пользователей FirstVDS

Dear Customer!
You own the domain "", which reached maximum level of traffic load on your tariff plan.

To Register a domain name has not been blocked, please kindly change the tariff plan can cope with our server optimized code resource. This process, after contacting support, will take some time, so we advise you to immediately contact by e-mail, which is specified in the letter below.

More details on the recommended action to optimize system resources you can read clicking this link: httr :/ / /? Domain =

If you are interested in technical matters operations tariff plan change, please email our support, financial questions you can discuss with the Economic Department, by writing a letter to an email

All the best!

- With respect to the client, FirstVDS

If you click on a link that directs the user to / index.php / Использование_системных_ресурсов

Attention, exercise caution! Con artists often play on the confusion in the name of companies that provide services, or inaccuracies in the writing of addresses and such small details, conducting an inattentive reader astray.

What a VPS is not under attack by hackers

Personally, I was "sitting" on a dedicated server FastVPS .

I advise you to pay attention to the VPS. This is truly one of the best hosting on servers in Germany for the right price. In addition, he has a nice, round the clock customer support. Even if you do not know German, your call will not leave without attention.

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Published: Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 19:01
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  1. Windows
    October 27, 2011 at 12:41

    People that you tupite aa?
    Nobody needs to trust his email address! And do not go to other people's links that send users are not known to you. It is better to go straight to the site yourself by entering the address in the browser, or at least create a tab.


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