How to Invest in a PAMM account with InstaForex

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Continuing a series of articles about earning on the Internet.

Let us recall the most popular articles that have received the maximum interest of visitors to the site:

1. How to consistently win real $ 9000 a month playing your favorite games using a unique technique.

2. How to Earn $ 14,000 in 5 days self-trade in Forex.

Today I will share experiences on how to earn $ 50,000 in Forex trading is not by investing just $ 7000.

Как инвестировать в ПАММ счета компании InstaForex

I'm sure you already know that the PAMM account - it's such an investment account, which sells very experienced trader. And all those who invested in one of PAMM gets a percentage of total revenue.

My experience - make money in Forex investing $ 50,000 $ 7,000

Of course, I only worked with two of the best companies of investment PAMM accounts Forex: Alpari and InstaForex . Also, this approach is due to the fact that I'm always trying to reduce risks to zero, so distributing the entire amount in proportion between the two companies was more than justified.

Report on the results of my work with Alpari I write this, today we look at only InstaForex.

Invested $ 3,500 in InstaForex distributed as follows:
Account 5120000 - $ one thousand;
Expense 5,160,988 - $ 750;
Account 319267 - $ 750;
Account 418378 - $ 500;
Expense 2,106,778 - $ 500.

Инвестирование в ПАММ счета

About 6 months of investment gave a return:

Account 5120000 Investment: 1364.66% - $ 13,646;
Account 5160988 Yield: 298.61% - $ 2,240;
Account 319267 Yield: 270.77% - $ 2,030;
Account 418378 Yield: 265.04% - $ 1,325;
Account 2106778 Yield: 251.09% - 1255 $.

With regard to profitability in dollars, the amount came to $ 3500 on InstaForex - profit ~ $ 20496, with $ 3500 on the Alpari - profit ~ $ 34768, read here .
Total for half a year: from $ 7000 - $ 55264 ~ profit.

Attention! Instaforex is no longer cooperating with Webmoney
"InstaForex Company suspended work with the system WebMoney since 12.04.2013.
So if you're just using WebMoney, it is best to work with Alpari.

How to start working with InstaForex

  1. At first go to the site. (If necessary, change the site language "Russian" at the top of the screen.
  2. Open a trading account .
  3. After receiving the trade account log in the client's office and click on the left menu item client cabinet "PAMM-system." Next you will be asked to choose who you want to be - the investor.
  4. Replenish account convenient way.
  5. We turn to PAMM accounts
  6. Choose whichever account (or several)
    Выбираем понравившийся счет
  7. Statistically analyze PAMM accounts and invest the money by clicking the "Investing" at the bottom of the page.
    Кнопка Инвестировать

I recommend these PAMM-accounts InstaForex:
Account 5120000 Investment: 1364.66%;
Account 5160988 Yield: 298.61%;
Account 319267 Yield: 270.77%;
Account 418378 Yield: 265.04%;
Account 2106778 Yield: 251.09%.

Watch the video about How to choose a profitable PAMM account

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