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Cкрипты за деньги — Работа для программистов

Scripts for money

On programming on the Internet, there are many articles. Also, like the programmers themselves.

Here are just good (!) Developers today are sorely lacking. As well as sensible information.

Especially about how well this election, talented people can earn extra money from home - remotely.

Programmer! Where do you find a job?

You may not believe it, but giant companies in need of skilled programmers simply vast. They need people who are willing to learn to work in areas such as: JavaScript, Java, Python, separation of good sites / emails from spam, finding duplicate images, separating the navigation of the site of meaningful text, jQuery, Prototype, ExtJS, clustering of objects of different type, extract facts from text and much more.
In addition to all of the above knowledge is often not even need experience. Here for example Yandex provides anyone wishing to complete an internship.


  1. age 20-35 years;
  2. higher education;
  3. good knowledge of mathematics and computer science;
  4. good knowledge of C + +, classical algorithms and data structures;
  5. knowledge of English sufficient to read the English mathematical literature;
  6. interest in the fields of automatic text processing, Artificial Intelligence and Information Retrieval;

If you meet the requirements of this quite seriously, then you open the door almost all Internet services, such as Yandex, Google in Russia and Kaspersky Lab.

Part-writing simple scripts

If you own writing scripts to create the directory sites, is also not remain on the sidelines. Full of customers. However, their number gradually decreased. Since catalogs gradually lose force in the promotion of sites. I think you are up to date. Priority is given to an indexed catalogs.

Sell ​​scripts

Who and where to start to sell their scripts for money? This is perhaps the main question beginners.

In this case, two links to help you find the right markets at Yandex and Google .

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Published: Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 15:06
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