The original earnings on e-Bay and Cafepress

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Оригинальный заработок на e-Bay и Cafepress

Unlike Runeta and BYnet the Internet there just a lot of ways to make money.

Let's digress a bit from today available for the masses methods earnings and look at the original ideas.

I believe that only come up with something completely new, as in his time did the creators of Google, Microsoft,, etc. available on the really big money. Besides his own way to enrich will bring more joy and creative implementation, not the banal needs.

So, let's begin.


As a new business idea can advise job at auction E-Bay . If you visit this online service, you will find a huge number of products for a very reasonable fee.

Personally, I advise you to see the price of laptops. Decent laptop is possible to buy just $ 100-150. Tell us where we can buy a laptop for a price? Nowhere. And where can I sell it? Yes, even through the local newspaper!

Who are interested in a business such as "Buy & Sell" go on e-bay (site entirely in English), sign up, go to your area of ​​interest and start to bid. If you win (the price rarely goes beyond the limit of $ 200) shipped the goods to his home. Shipping cost about 10% of the value of the goods (if the transportation with insurance). Next publish an ad in the newspaper and sell several times more expensive than the initial price. Over time, you can turn a good idea.

On e-bay auction you can not only buy but also to sell any items (old toys, iPods, etc.). Another thing is that all the goods you first need to ship to America, after which the price will increase significantly and to sell it would be almost impossible in the U.S. is very cheap prices.


As another example, a new business idea can be Cafepress .

To start, you need to have your own fan site. The essence of the earnings is very interesting - come up with a design for t-shirts or mugs and sends it to the company. They manufacture and ship the product to any interested buyer with your website. And you will have a percentage of each sale.

So, without investing a penny, you sell a product and get money for it. For any fan site with a large audience is ideal.

Website Promotion

Way to earn money is certainly not a new one. But it depends on how you look at it is becoming more popular to promote sites through blogs. As we all know, search engines are counting citation index blogs do not. And he did not need us. More specifically needed, only for a different purpose. Namely: the plant itself diary on one of the popular blogoservisov and paste in the text of the link to the promoted website. Since a popular blog, and attendance is very good. And many will go on the proposed link. So you will get traffic. The main thing is to write on behalf of the girls and that was like a diary, not a free bulletin board.

In general, to successfully engage in online business, it is necessary to invent their own new ideas. That's just look to what others have guessed.

In one Chinese city with the name of Nanjiang opened a pub. The townspeople called it "bar broken hearts." This facility is designed for people experiencing separation from a loved one. This brewpub can cry, no one is embarrassed. On the tables laid out handkerchiefs and placed bubbles with soothing drops. Furthermore, special tables decomposed doll representing men and women. These dolls can be beaten and at least offset the bitterness of the loss of so beloved or lover.

In the U.S. city of Chicago, a man of ideas put machines at the station with the mechanisms resembling human hands. Going down into a coin machine, he stretched out his hand and said, "Hello, my dear! Have a nice trip! ". Lonely passengers willing to use such automatic friends and even made an appeal to the manufacturer to be made more human, and they could not just shake hands, but also a farewell hug. :)

That's not all. A German named Robert Sweat, he decided to get a small business, has created a museum, which for a small fee you can get acquainted with the "trash." Prior to that, he has long led the company for garbage collection in the city. Called the exhibit "Treasures of the bin." Among the artifacts collected directly from landfills, were valuable medieval manuscripts, unique paintings, antique clocks and other outlandish valuable antiques. This museum is presently noted as one of the most actively visited and original. And Robert Sweat rich.

As you can see, there are many original ideas, but to be truly successful, you need to come up with a unique (and can no web site available).

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Published: Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 15:10
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