Cybersquatter - a person engaged in the resale of domains

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Киберсквоттер — человек, занимающийся перепродажей доменов

Cybersquatting - one of the many types of earnings on the Internet. It consists in the registration of domain names and their subsequent resale at a higher price.

Cybersquatter - is a person engaged in the resale of domains

Sources domains can be direct sites of national registers, and various auctions. After purchasing the domain host has exactly one year on its resale.

After this period, it is necessary to renew the registration, which naturally increases the initial cost and reduce future profits. Yes, and all the delicious names of buying back pretty quickly. And if there is no demand for 2-3 months, then in principle it has and never will.

Register to the most "delicious" domains (games, love, money, etc.). Of course in the major domain areas (. Com,. Info,. Net,. Ru, etc.) these names have long occupied. But you have to look for other interesting titles

How? For example, with service requests Yandex. There, enter the word or text, refer to the frequency of its requests. If it is popular, check in the services domain registration freely that name.

If it is not busy, feel free to register it and put up for sale in a week (for example). Set the price much higher procurement. Follow rates applicants on your lot and sell liked the first (and then such a case it may be impossible). However, this is ideal. In fact, often the domain is generally ignored customers, registration deadline passes and no it does not extend.

Recently, a popular name somehow related to the upcoming Olympics in Russia.

Kiberskvotterstvom today cease to be engaged, as original names there are virtually no new areas are opened less often, and fewer buyers. Rate is only for seasonal public events (sporting events, elections, etc.). The opportunity to earn nowadays is probably only for professionals.

In addition, recently it was reported that kiberskvotterstvo already considered a crime. When you register a domain specifies the personal data of the owner. Today there are special services that you can use to determine how many different domains belong to one person. One organization (let's call it) oversees operations of cybersquatters, if sales are not an isolated case, it is put an administrative case. What happens next, I think, no need to explain.

Also, on a wave of anti-kiberskvotterstvom, ICANN (the organization responsible for the administration of the Internet domain zones) began an investigation on some of their employees. They are accused of spreading confidential information about the owners of domain names. A special commission, which will closely monitor the overall operations of their subordinates.

Many national registers at the opening of the new domain zones set period of 1-2 months in which to register names can only commercial and non-profit business entities that own registered names. Thus, names like: Coca-Cola, Hyundai, McDonald's, etc. grab as before will not work.

In general, engage in reselling domain names, in my opinion, simply do not make sense. Income (if they will) is not regular in nature and extremely small. In addition to work under scrutiny, too uninteresting. And to solve, as always, only yourself.

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Published: Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 15:11
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  1. Artemiy
    November 22, 2008 at 22:30

    Topic has long sucked but profitable ...
    Now for example domains. Me snapping ...


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