So what is copywriting and how to make money

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Так что же такое копирайтинг и как на этом заработать

A little history

Engine of progress and development, as it is known, is the transmission of information.

How is it done?

In different ways: on the radio this is done through the words we hear, on television - through dynamic and static images (clips, videos or simple slogans) complete with sound.

Any way to set itself a threefold purpose - to transmit the necessary information to convey the main (sometimes hidden) nature of this information and are prone to certain actions, such as the purchase of goods (for advertising).

What a way to inform you choose depends on direct opportunities copywriter. TV shows and tells us because it is their main tools; radio just said, because their opportunities are limited.

But there is also a well-liked internet! It is also necessary to give users some information. How? I think you are already guessed it - through articles, web pages. At present, makes it possible for the widespread introduction of high-speed access to the Internet became widely used graphical banners and flash videos. However, the text component content on the page is still significant.

Structural unit of the text of article is the word. These words should be collected together so that one was a good article in every sense. What do I need to do?

When writing articles (copywriting) must set goals:

  1. communicative - to create an invisible bond between himself and the reader;
  2. marketing - to convince the prospective buyer of the superiority of what you give to him;
  3. perceptive - that all the information was true, but rather the truth, that she could be trusted.

But how to achieve just the common man who have not picked up the books, and the school received a triple (if not of two) in the native language? That's right - to attract the one who is best to deal with that. Thus were born into God copywriters.

So what is copywriting?

Copywriting - the process of writing articles, or, if I may say so - is the work by compiling a simple and advertising texts on various topics for the customers - web site owners, administrators, or SEO.

Who is involved in copywriting - ordinary people who sit in their spare time at the computer and writing nonsense (and sometimes it turns out).

These activities are quite extensive makes it possible for the large number of issues and the lack of strict requirements. The most important - literacy, but here come to the aid of software products such as Windows Word.

Initially, it was necessary to write a simple ordinary articles that meet current needs. And copywriters unequal to the task.
For the time being ...
Once there was a modernization of the search engines. And what happened? What has happened is that many existing article posted on the sites are no longer rank (taken into account by search engines such as Google and Yandex)! This means that today, the search engine "blind eye" to the text, and look for the relevance of your keywords, the density of direct entry, etc. Many good articles are no longer relevant.

But because people and bears a proud name of "man" to be able to find a way out of any situation. It happened at this time - there was SEO-copywriting.

SEO-copywriting - the process of writing articles, posts, taking into account the features of the search engines. A different kind of raytinga (writing) from the previous version of his first chore.
Because today should not just write an article and optimize it for specific users' search queries. One has a variety of ways to "wedge" keywords in the body text of the article. We have to break these other words, that was a good relevance of words, etc.

Engaged seo-copywriting is very gifted people. After all, this kind of writers have worked long and hard about writing tormented specific posts. They need not only to master mysleizlogatelstvom (Oh! coined a new word), but also to know the principles of search algorithms with Web programming.

Of course they will definitely get a large fee for his work. PRICE film depends on its threads, and other factors such as the number of characters, writing quality and style.

Although, I would venture to say that everyone can engage in copywriting. The main thing - self-confidence, the ability to express their thoughts in writing and ... the presence of the keyboard. :)

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