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Как заработать в Интернете новичку

Below you will find information about how to make money online newbie who does not have yet the experience and knowledge, but it has the will to deal with how you can earn money online without investment.

Here are described the best of the best ways to earn money.

Essentially all of these methods have been tested directly by me (with varying degrees of success), and the current day are the only options to earn additional income on the internet fairly and without fraud.

Big Money on the Internet

About really big and stable earnings in the Internet I have often told you. Let us remember:

1. Using a special technique I earn more than $ 9,000 playing flash games for fun Fishka777 and IGRUN .

2. Self trading Forex through a broker InstaForex with a profit of at least $ 14,000 in 5 days .

3. Plus I have invested money with interest at Alpari and InstaForex , which further gives me more about $ 50,000 for 6 months .

Today I will discuss the earnings with only his page on the social network and the computer.

Work on Userator

More details about this system, read the article Earn money online without investment - $ 10 a day

Work on Sarafanka

Service is regularly updated with new features. Payment at the height: about 5 rubles for any action performed.
Already all reasonable people have long profit from their profiles on Facebook, and Facebook are so

The service offers to earn:
1. Viewing sites.
2. Performance of tasks. For example: go to Yandex, enter the query "la la la" to open such a site, click the link that interests you. Everything is ready, money in Corman.
3. VKontakte. Putting Huskies (hearts). Tell your friends. Join the group.
4. Facebook. Earnings similar VKontakte.
5. Twitter. Post. Become a subscriber. Retweet.
6. Google+ post on the wall. Putting Google +


  1. Sign up for Sarafanka ;
  2. Go to the "Available jobs".

Work on WmZona


  1. Register for the service ;
  2. Then make viewing the site;
  3. And here perform tasks: clicks, conversions on websites, search.

The following is the smallest earnings

Which still remains popular but less profitable.

Work on VipIP

Advertisers lower rates are also smaller, but you can still earn. The work has the character of pay-surfing and perform simple tasks .

Mostly statistics on earnings VipIP:
10$ в день

Take a good look at the screen. As you can see, my referral roxis755 registered 5.04.2008, 16.07.2011 last time here. As you can see from the screenshots - is about $ 50. Other earned less.


  1. Register for the site ;
  2. To speed up the earnings to download the surf ;
  3. Run, enter your login and password provided during registration and start surfing.

Work on IPweb


  1. Register for the site ;
  2. To speed up the earnings to download the surf ;
  3. Run, enter your login and password provided during registration and start surfing.

So you can not only get free Huskies, and all of the above figures online popularity: Subscribers Twitter, browsing the site or video, etc.

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Published: Sunday, August 12, 2012 at 15:13
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  1. Ilya
    October 13, 2009 at 12:59

    Thanks for the material to study!
    It's been more than a year - please confirm that these methods are more effective.


  2. Ai Pi Mani
    October 13, 2009 at 18:08

    Ilya listed here services are still running.
    I can give advice today?
    After the outbreak of the financial crisis service FreeWM lowered its rates. And advertisers took a lot from him. So today it will not earn much.
    I recommend for earning the first two services: VipIP and IPWeb.


  3. Sergey
    November 4, 2009 at 16:05

    Wow. And at first I did not believe! Launched a program for a day and has run more than $ 15. Really cool! :)


  4. Maria
    November 4, 2009 at 16:06

    Thanks for the article, I'm just a beginner in this.
    I'll try to make ...


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