How to make money on mediation - Earnings on mediation

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Как заработать на посредничестве — Заработок на посредничестве

Mediation on the Internet - another kind of making money. Online there are areas where the owner can not do.

Financial intermediation

Can mediate almost all operations carried out on the Internet. The easiest way: mediation by selling links. Rent advertising space on various sites, and then sell them, of course not forgetting the mark.

Mediation by the development of sites

For example, someone needs to develop a new website and it appeals to you. But there is a problem - you are designing sites. But you know webmasters, who was just doing it. Then you all the cards in your hand. Become a reseller. Ask your friend's developer price, throw with 20-30 percent and ask the person who needs it.

Mediation to place ads

Imagine the situation. A person who has a website wants to offer a new service to others. But to understand all the subtleties reports this information to the right people and he did not want no time. Then you have come to the rescue! You complete the necessary contacts, experience and postings on various Internet message boards to place ads. Customer and you unite. Or rather you simply place his ads where you can. It does not strain the brain to learn a new field. You get the put you pay. Everyone is well and everyone is happy.

Intermediary in the exchange of links between linkatorami

Suppose a very simple situation. To you asked people to set up an relinking between sites to raise their values ​​TCI and PR . And you are very familiar with the technology of creating a relink in a "star." Or know of another person involved in this kind of activity. Then again, you become a mediator. And negotiate with one another and get your percentage.

Summing up, we note that one can act as a mediator in all. Of course, in order to become a mediator should be the most well-versed in a particular area. If you are a beginner, it is unlikely that for you. First you have to learn how to do something yourself, and then offer this service to others. Think about it: how can a man who has no website, mediate on the promotion of others? In my opinion: no way.

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Published: Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 15:15
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