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There was a time when I was days on the passage he wrote about how you can earn on the Internet, based on his personal experience. Then I got tired of it all (creative decline), and I thought, 'That's enough from me - I leave aside. I start to write about SEO-optimization. "

And I breathed fresh air. Full chest! Caught her, so to speak, muse and began to write.

How to earn online $ 10 per day ($ 300 per month)

Suggest a theme: how to make a newbie (a person not having any special knowledge in a particular area, without the initial capital, etc.) for a minimum of $ 10 per day.

It is indeed possible. This site is more than half of the articles - about ways of earning online.

Enough foreplay ... In short, here are the easiest ways. As they say: "Let's go ..."

Earn big money by investing just $ 10

No independent trade and no risk, invest the money and work for you by experienced traders.
I recommend investing in - Alpari and InstaForex . Read More here .

Many successfully earn gaming sites , using a unique technique. One should strictly follow the instructions and do not give in to passion, otherwise you all later. If you fit this hot earnings, you are welcome.

What is to make money from $ 10

On the Internet there are many services that offer their services in promoting social factors (Web browsing, clicks etc.). I know for two of the best service, where you can really earn $ 10 a day.

Earnings in the Internet


Services are regularly updated with new features. Payment at the height: about 5 rubles for any action performed.
Already all reasonable people have long profit from their profiles on Facebook, and Facebook are so

The service offers to earn:
1. Viewing sites.
2. Performance of tasks. For example: go to Yandex, enter the query "la la la" to open such a site, click the link that interests you. Everything is ready, money in Corman.
3. VKontakte. Putting Huskies (hearts). Tell your friends. Join the group.
4. Facebook. Earnings similar VKontakte.
5. Twitter. Post. Become a subscriber. Retweet.
6. Google+ post on the wall. Putting Google +


  1. Sign up for Sarafanka ;
  2. Go to the "Available jobs".


What is earning


  1. Post on the wall VKontakte
  2. Join the group / community VKontakte
  3. I like / Likes VKontakte
  4. Tell friends VKontakte
  5. Comment in VKontakte
  6. Reply VKontakte on the search query
  7. Button on the site VKontakte
  8. Install the app VKontakte
  9. Vote in the poll in the social network Vkontakte

  1. Post on your Facebook wall
  2. Join the group / community Facebook
  3. I like / Likes Facebook
  4. Facebook button on the site
  5. Share in the social network Facebook
  6. Facebook Comment
  7. To answer the question in the social network Facebook

  1. Post on the wall Google+
  2. Google + (Like, share) from the issuance of
  3. +1 (Like) in google+
  4. Button Google / share on the site
  5. Reviewed on Google+

  1. Post to twitter
  2. To subscribe / add to Followers
  3. Retweet / Retweet
  4. Favorites / Favorites
  5. Reply to twitter for the search query
  6. Button twiiter online
  7. Reply to this post on Twitter

  1. Yandex button on the site
  2. Post Entries ya.ru
  3. Comment on the blog post in ya.ru
  4. Comment in Yandekc Market
  5. Join the Club ya.ru

  1. Comment on YouTube
  2. Like / Likes on YouTube
  3. Do not like / displease on YouTube
  4. Subscribe to a video (channel) in youtube

  1. Post to blog / blog Mail.ru
  2. Button Mile online
  3. Post to My World
  4. Comment Blog / blog Mail.ru
  5. Comments to the post in my world
  6. Like / Likes to My World

  1. Join the group at classmates
  2. Post at classmates
  3. Button Classmates Online
  4. Vote in the poll in the social network Classmates

  1. Button LiveJournal online
  2. LiveJournal post
  3. Comment on LiveJournal

  1. Post to Diary Diary.ru
  2. Comments to the post in the Diary Diary.ru

  1. Post to Blogger.com
  2. Comments for publication in Blogger.com
    Google Play

  1. Post your free app on Google Play
  2. Rate Free App of the review on Google Play
  3. Post your review on Google Play app
    App Store

  1. Post your free app in the App Store
  2. Post your comment with a free app in the App Store
  3. Vote for reviews on the App Store
  4. Promotion of podcasts to the App Store
    Complex tasks

  1. Post on the forum
  2. Message / Comment Blog
  3. Vote for this site / forum / blog
  4. Promotion News Yandex


  1. Register for the site ;
  2. Press the link Earn ;
  3. Download the program , an installed and run. Then follow the simple instructions to perform various tasks.



  1. Register for the service ;
  2. Then make viewing the site;
  3. And here perform tasks: clicks, conversions on websites, search.

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  1. Kiril
    October 4, 2008 at 10:21

    Thanks for the article. Ways to make money online a lot, but almost no one checks them in practice.

    I decided to believe unfounded items too risky, and began to search for articles based on real experiences of people earning one way or another, how they did it, where to begin ...

    He is now about your own Internet shop think (there prompted the article on such thoughts) ...


  2. Helena
    October 4, 2008 at 15:03

    Excuse me, with great respect, but VIPIP - it's so stupid to pay.
    To earn $ 10 a day to really work there? As if the work is not at full strength, the normal money you earn.

    I have already been on these clicks, time spent surfing. By the way, I found mainlink subscription to "The Terminal", it is very (!) Many useful and write about real earnings.

    Did not mean to offend, just a pity that the time spent.


  3. Ai Pi Mani
    October 4, 2008 at 15:08

    Elena: I do not earn at vipip.
    If you would be on a closer, we realized that this article is just for the contest.


  4. Helena
    October 4, 2008 at 15:28

    Then whose is it a referral (roxis755)? :)
    Do not know if I really did not understand what ...
    But, as you write an article on how to make the beginner $ 10 per day, with the referral link is to vipip.


  5. Ai Pi Mani
    October 4, 2008 at 15:38

    Elena: All right. This is my referral. But I'm trying to explain to you that I myself do not make surfing through vipip.
    And to make it as roxis755, you have to be a very capable person!


  6. Helena
    October 4, 2008 at 15:47

    You just have to be there for a long time and have logged a lot of referrals, which at one time it was possible to sell, do not know as of now.
    But it's so dreary ... And in my opinion, it's a waste of time. If we set a goal to make money online, you definitely need a website and do not anyhow how, and visited and promoted.
    But, really. :)


  7. Ai Pi Mani
    October 4, 2008 at 15:52

    Totally agree with you! For normal earnings needs its advertised etc. etc. site.


  8. eavasi
    January 26, 2009 at 11:49

    For the first time come up and such earnings by surfing the Internet, not every student can find the money for a quick and effective promotion of the site. Have to click on other people's websites to earn money for his promotion.


  9. Oleg
    February 26, 2009 at 20:18

    After surfing and postal service are all beginners, this is normal. Abnormally if a person on it and stops - obsessed. You-you have got a blog and I think I have one and probably several saytik under glanders have. In short evolution.


  10. Ai Pi Mani
    February 26, 2009 at 20:44

    Oleg, you're right.
    Stop at the surfing is just silly. Income there can be trifling.
    I myself, the basic earnings from two blogs:
    seo blog - http://www.ipmoney.info/
    and construction blog - http://www.knep.ru/


  11. bydilov
    April 4th, 2009 at 16:48

    Play with us in IGRUN. Win 80% of tender and good luck to you.


  12. Alexandr
    June 12, 2009 at 10:50

    Not just will earn $ 10 a day. I do not know who is trying to be. Even easier to create your own free website and a place where commercial advertising (banner) and slowly invite people to your site.


  13. Vladimir
    July 26, 2009 at 21:22

    The article certainly interesting, well-written. But I want to focus on surfing. If you have unlimited internet, then you can try. And if not, then we should not meddle, get some waste. Generally, surfing - is a complete sell and advertisers so simply raises its rating.
    Simply join any affiliate program and get a stable 10-30% of their sales.


  14. Dosya
    September 25th, 2009 at 23:08

    You can certainly try, but still complicated.


  15. Anyusha
    October 17, 2009 at 13:01

    No, I'd rather surf.


  16. Nicholas
    November 8, 2009 at 16:29

    Admin you molodchaga that has created a website about earning!
    On clique sponsors just will not earn much. I registered more than 20. A month without referrals I gained from all the sponsors 9 bucks. This is minuscule, but it's still my minuscule that I gained (like that then).

    I did not stop, and now I'm working on Forex - http://www.ipmoney.info/?p=27
    this is really cool job, but it is very risky and highly paid!
    Think and try and you will find what you like. Earnings in the Internet there, you just have to find a robot like!

    GREATEST our enemy is laziness, overcoming laziness, and you will succeed! Good luck to everyone in all your endeavors!


  17. Alexey
    December 5th, 2009 at 23:37

    :) Copywriters have already gone to work? :)


  18. dron
    December 15, 2009 at 20:58

    Go better in school to get a good evaluation.
    Related: guys - do not engage in this nonsense! Proximity khalyavnykh money makes you khalyavnykh workforce.
    Although what we would have done without you - who we will recognize the pictures for a penny for their prospama Fedorov. :)


  19. Alina
    January 8, 2010 at 16:51

    People, you really want to earn big money and do not know how? Then you need to go to my website and you'll learn how to make big money on the Internet!


  20. Sima
    January 17, 2010 at 23:12

    As for me it is the most nenapryazhny earnings warez and posting and the more the better!
    Here are riveted to himself warez site and I twist it, too, hope to earn!
    A girl Alina, who wrote the above, I want to say is that it does not puff brains to their scams themselves or others!


  21. greezley
    March 31, 2010 at 16:45

    In my opinion, you can make money online by sharing services! The immediate question is, how much? It all depends on your perseverance, the popularity of your newsletter (file filled to file sharing), referrals (people registered on your links) with them is% to your earnings! From earning your referral nothing is taken away, only charged a percentage of his earnings to the Bonus Program. I, for example, fill archives with new popular music.


  22. Yuri
    July 12, 2010 at 15:40

    How to withdraw money from the program?


  23. Ai Pi Mani
    July 12, 2010 at 16:29

    To do this, go to the website http://www.vipip.ru/
    under your username and password.
    Next, click on "Order payment" and fill out the form with the purse that you want to cash out.


  24. Bayka
    July 13, 2013 at 10:43

    I make my living with you. Excellent site. All honest and fast! Recommend to friends!


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