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Accepting payments on any site can be carried out by means of an interesting system called Perfect Money .

This means getting money for services or products on your own site has a number of advantages.

Приём платежей Perfect Money - выгодно, удобно, современно

Features of the system Perfect Money:

  1. comfortable;
  2. easy to use;
  3. currency liquidity that allows the conversion of cash;
  4. have a referral program;
  5. Commission of the outgoing money only 0.5 per cent;
  6. Each month there is a charge of profit rate of 7 per cent per annum;
  7. Site has demanded language versions, translated into 17 different languages.

How to install the Perfect Money

Merchant of receiving financial payments online is established very simply.

In the present account HTML code generator SCI merchant. You need to copy the code and put it on the site. Next, find the link SCI HTML generator on the button "Settings". Generate the code and paste it to your site. No certificates and notices required!

It is worth noting here that all of the English language. As elsewhere, the fields marked with an asterisk are required. Share with you information on how to translate from English common fields to make it easier to figure out what's what:

PAYEE_NAME - the name of your website, online shop or any project that will see the direct payer;

PAYMENT_URL - the final link to the site where the customer will be redirected after a successful sale;

PAYEE_ACCOUNT - you must select an account under the relevant currency in which payments will go USD EURO GOLD;

STATUS_URL - you must enter the e-mail, where messages are sent on payment;

NOPAYMENT_URL - link to your site, which forwarded the buyer if the sale was not successful;

PAYMENT_AMOUNT - to enter the cost of the product, if there is no fixed price, leave this field blank;

SUGGESTED_MEMO - add a note to the payment, the payer will see it.

Значения основных полей

The system of bonuses merchant

Perfect Money allows us not only to accept payments through the site, but also gives the opportunity to take part in the programs of the Perfect Money for business.

  1. Bonus for turnover of funds in your account.
  2. Discount coupons - you can generate coupons, and then distribute them for promotional purposes.
  3. Bonus certain web sites, logos Perfect Money, if the following condition - PR site => 2, then for every PR you will be paid $ 10.
  4. Bonus for the transaction.
  5. Free advice on the installation of online merchant API.
  6. Perfect Money bonus partners or discount to your customers - charge bonus is individual.
  7. Referral program luxe - for each referral you get an extra fee.

The conclusion to the bank

There is a possibility the earned Pefect Money in the bank. To do this, you need to leave the proper request for withdrawal in your account.

A little about rates:

  1. Normal Account (such status you receive at registration) - $ 50 + 3 percent.
  2. Premium account (status will be assigned automatically after one year) - $ 50 + 2 per cent.
  3. Partner Account (to receive it will have to file a separate application) - $ 50 + 1 per cent.

If your account is less than the sum, you can exchange it for WebMoney, or to bring to the bank account by means of heat exchangers. More information can be found at Perfect Money in the appropriate section "Exchange".

Thus, the acceptance of electronic payments online via Perfect Money - it is not only convenient, but also profitable. Nothing complicated here, we hope that the information will be useful to you!

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Published: Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 19:30
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  1. Paul
    November 13, 2009 at 11:28

    Checked in, suddenly 100000th will. :) No luck.


  2. Spider
    December 18, 2009 at 23:11

    Went to their website. A lot of water in the style of "we are tough, we are strong, we are blah blah blah", but the main question is not found an answer either here or on the website: in what ways you can pay through this system? I would be grateful if you tell me


  3. nanou
    April 11, 2010 at 15:28

    I would like to know whether it is possible in this system to use the cards PayPal? Thank you for your response.


  4. Vladimir
    June 3, 2010 at 00:02

    Dear admin, and you get paid for placing the logo of Perfect Money on your site?


  5. Alex
    December 23, 2010 at 14:25

    As I understand it, there should be something to sell?
    "As a means of getting money on their website for the goods or services"


  6. Kingsley
    March 18, 2011 at 19:13

    For example, I do not know the code for the button. Who can tell me - that's all I need.


  7. Dima
    April 12, 2011 at 21:44

    Stole my money Perfect Money. Grifters, blocked my account, even though they have written that block the bill in court Panama.


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