Phishing, carding, work Drop residences

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Фишинг, кардинг, работа дропам без предоплаты

Looking at the concept of Phishing

Phishing (from the English. Phishing and password - «fishing" and "password" - "Internet fishing").

This is a type of fraud on the Internet, the purpose of which is - getting users' personal data (such as ID, password , login, access keys, etc.).

How to steal personal data

It's very simple, but at the same time, and shrewd.
Imagine how you would do yourself, get a letter from the bank which served (eg have a plastic card) to confirm your data. I'm sure you would just follow the instructions offered by the bank.

Carding - is a risky kind of fraud. The goal - to get it to the user's payment details of his personal plastic or virtual card. Then creates a complete analog on the white plastic. With such a card carder just takes your money at any ATM or pay it online. Of course, directly the carder will not risk your capital readout for this purpose by volunteers. Believe me, these people lack.

If you're one of those brave souls who are not afraid to take off right away $ 10,000 to get $ 1500, then - forward .

Why do people voluntarily leave their identity information? What happened is as a victim to the post office receives a message from a bank or administrator of the same WebMoney.

This letter states that such a situation occurred as a result of your data has been lost. And to restore them, you just need to visit the site, enter login and password, and conduct any operations. Do with it? That's all suck!

The fact is that, instead of the address of the banking fraudsters send a link to an exact copy of it. And even with the same domain name. Only instead of the letter i - j, instead of o - 0 etc. To distinguish such bases, if not prepared in advance is impossible.

Immediately after your authorization phishing site, its administrators will receive all the information you entered. Including username and password. And then go do your account whatever your heart grim anything. Although the sponsor of international terrorism. :)

Be especially vigilant when receiving such letters. This bank is unlikely to engage in this type of mailing, as from this line depends on the bank's image.

I know it's not a case of theft of money from the accounts of some Internet users. What did the bank? Nothing! He generally did not report "victim" of the incident. Just behind him, and all debts paid off! This incident became known to a very narrow circle of specialists of the bank, whose name, for obvious reasons, I will not call.

What else you can come up with a cunning

Used to be very popular - "shares a fool." Of course, today they peck smaller, but nonetheless still falling.

I'm sure you've seen on different bulletin boards and message forums where people share information about the alleged "magic wallets". They offered to send money there and the type of return greater. Here it is precisely such actions.

Deceptive, even on the Internet - a punishable criminal case on fraud. This means that illegal activity on the Internet is punishable by law. At least it should be. However, Internet crime is very difficult investigation, fraudsters often do not find it, and they go unpunished. In any case, most of the attempts of our national militia (police) to combat cyber crime in vain.

The quality of the work of MOI Kabeer security and the fight against cyber-crime, let it stay on their conscience. Hackers certainly enjoyed the level of preparedness of our law enforcement officers. Soon, however, this situation promises to end.

To work in the departments of cyber security guys started taking a well, not quite "clean past." Of course, they do not have a criminal record, but they were engaged in a "past life", not just the good things.

How do I know for a different competitions are held among the newly minted "police." It helps them with what they know most of the methods of Internet fraud from the inside, as themselves have recently among them.

And today they are scouring the network for ... Of course, jail their friends, they are not going to, and the fate of all the others ...
IMHO: And the fact that they now do not break, and protect - it is a natural process of development of the computer industry.

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Published: Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 15:08
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  1. cybersantway
    April 7, 2010 at 15:53

    Tin ... I never would have thought that was possible.


  2. grey
    July 27, 2011 at 11:40

    Battle brands - a good thing!


  3. Nicholas
    August 9, 2011 at 19:51

    Always check the website or that. How it lives on the network, how many members, feedback about the site and so on. All advise.


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