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Деловой партнер в бизнесе и власти

Business Partner on the Internet

For example, you have a site where users are very interested in computer games, jokes, videos and other entertainment facilities. They zalet this website, they are really interested in it.

What does that mean?
You will definitely need to get their benefits from all of this. If visitors are interested in games - even if buying!
Interested in the opposite sex - let acquainted!

If you are really proud owner of such a site, then you should definitely take part in special partner programs .

You can also use services such as:

  1. matchmaking service, for example - Loveplanet
  2. online games, such as the percentage of losing players Fishka777 - trust income is not very bad
  3. sell shareware-Games
  4. and anything else

The principle is to ensure that you will get a% of affiliate revenue (from sales of games) - those games that bought your users through your site;% of the investments of players in an online game - investment players who signed up through you;% of spending your users in a dating service, etc.
Read more on the services themselves affiliate programs.

My experience

I really enjoyed the partnership with online games site Fishka777. They fully promotional materials (banners, articles, links). Earnings for partners (we are) as much as 50% of their income from your users. For example: a person is looking for a normal site online games to have fun without leaving the house. Somehow comes to the site's ( contextual advertising , teaser network banners or SERPs) and clicks on your referral link on your site's partner. There he plays, entertains and remains satisfied. Exactly half of its loss is given to you. Gamblers complete and they are looking where to play, especially after Russia banned in places of this kind. Fishka777 located in Belize and does not fall under the domestic legislation, so all is fair. And you, as a partner can only get the money out of thin air.

To search for a suitable affiliate program, use aggregators:

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Published: Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 15:33
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