Creating a paid online service

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Internet service - it's either online portal services that can be used, subject to payment. Usually it's shareware services.

What does shareware

Создание платного интернет сервиса

This is where the user can use your premium service or application, but will be available for the payment of some additional features usually: the lack of advertising, the expansion of the standard free capabilities.

This way of earning a good return, but it requires specialized knowledge for the development of paid service. If you are not a programmer or do not have the money to hire him, and there is no possibility of involving a third-party investor concerned to develop, then - try to organize online service is stupid.

However, you need to take note.

How to find an investor or partner

Fortunately, the vast network there are forums that connect people interested and get money for the span between the two men a percentage.

Here is an example of such a service - CLX

Service acts as an intermediary and is faring well in its commission, removing it from each successful transaction. To attract investors to offer something truly original .

What else can you give an example?

Now becoming more commonplace as the various torrents site for online movies, applications for VKontakte, classmates, etc. More often connected once all forms of payment through the online fund types:

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Published: Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 15:34
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  1. Vladimir
    March 6th, 2011 at 09:28

    I need to make a website on which written articles could be read for a fee, with the possibility of their subscription. A small part of the article should be visible to the visitor, and the entire article would be available only after the payment. Which payment option that is more suitable for SMS or something else? Please, if you can answer.


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