How to Sell a Website and expensive

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Make a cheap site

Yes, yes - it is inexpensive! The cheaper it will cost you to create your own website, the more profit will remain in your pocket after the sale.

Как правильно и дорого продать сайт

It all starts quite simple.

At first, come up with topics of the future site .

Do you buy or download a free engine and fill up on all the hosting .

Next, fill our brand new project with unique content. You can write yourself, but you can buy the texts on the stock exchange . Pump up its TCI, PR , attendance, positions on request. And then sell it.

Of course you can sell and popular site, but earn very good money can only be good for SDL.

Where to sell website

There are specialized sites for sale sites, but the easier it will be offered directly to the forums SEOs and webmasters.

The main thing is not to overdo it with the cost and provide an adequate price. For a high-quality site with a constant audience - the price is often more than 10 thousand dollars. I even met a presentation, but it's a big job.

Exchange sites:

Exchange CY-PR - guaranteed quality exchange sites. Many webmasters use it. Huge selection of cheap sites, but the quality is rare and expensive fly like hot cakes ..

Telderi - despite his youth, the project quickly gaining popularity. The author of the project known personalities, who at one time worked on GoGetLinks , GetGoodLinks and Miralinks . The best chance to sell the site it is on this exchange platform.

Forums in which you can sell the site:

Maultalk - from the creator of the popular forum seo-blog of Daniel. More often then not sold expensive sites, but if you present a beautiful site and show the right direction, there is a chance to sell more expensive.

Forum Serch - probably the oldest and most renowned specialized forum for IT-professionals and seo-optimizers. It is quite possible to find a buyer for the site is very expensive. Create a sense of its topics in the forum do not have - very soon it will just get lost among the others. Therefore it is necessary to propose to the PM.

10 Tips to Sell a Website expensive

  1. In order to adequately assess the project that you want to sell, pre-create any popular forum topic to assess the site.
  2. If you do not have time to search for a potential buyer, you can just throw a bid at the auction.
  3. After selling the best fully developed domain to the new owner. This is done in order to avoid possible future negative consequences if suddenly site will violate someone's legislation. Who owns it, and let him answer.
  4. More sought after sites with an attractive design and convenient usability. Work on that before putting up for sale.
  5. Under no circumstances should you use free hosting. These sites are very difficult to sell it later.
  6. If you have a candid GS, anyway Know how to position it in a favorable light.
  7. It is not necessary to hide the cause of the sale and say that this is a purely commercial project and the site is not under any filters of search engines .
  8. Work only a guarantor. No reviews on forum can not fully guarantee the success of the transaction directly.
  9. Be energetic. Do not be lazy to read the relevant information and do everything possible to eliminate the drawbacks and increase the price.
  10. Clearly note the advantages of the site, so that when the talks were constructive dialogue rather than smearing snot on a plate. Be successful and otherwise motivate the buyer.

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