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Continuing the heading "scam on the Internet," I want to write about the project by Alexander Friedman - Vzarabotke.ru

Vzarabotke.ru - отзывы

According to WHOIS Vzarabotke.ru began operations on July 13, 2010. Website design ripped with all the well-known social network Vkontakte.ru that in itself does not inspire confidence (I can not take seriously the sites whose owners are not in a position to develop a new design).

On the financial side, it is not highly positive reviews: http://advisor.wmtransfer.com/FeedBackList.aspx?url=vzarabotke.ru

Poking around the Internet, I found another clone of Friedman for divorce visitors - Vmesterabotaem.ru
Here the situation is similar, website design - a copy of the famous social network Odnoklassniki

Vmesterabotaem.ru - отзывы

Personally, I am not in any way affected by the project Friedman. However, I see that many are still falling into the hands of swindlers like Vzarabotke.ru.

Now victims can speak out. Just please write disclosed reviews - with a detailed description.

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Published: Monday, January 17, 2011 at 20:31
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  1. Igor
    January 18, 2011 at 00:10

    He's not kidding when he says he earns a lot of money in the casino! Just do not play on, and receives, from the powerful affiliate in 4 casinos. When I began searching to earn online - clicked paid letters, as I have come across about 3-4 sites that Friedman, Perelman, etc. Thank God I did not venturesome and tried on a cent casinos, and he recommends the casino where the rate of dollar. And 20-25% of it in his pocket! And as for the big defeats do not like to write a shame. Here he continues his successful march on the Internet through the credulity of newcomers. Find and would break his fingers!


  2. wlad2
    January 18, 2011 at 00:15

    Often, and I ran across this resource, it is ridiculous and it is clear that this divorce suckers, that's just loham not help ...
    By the way, I want to understand why you do not have links to the home to promoted Ankor? ..


  3. Dmitry
    January 18, 2011 at 07:16

    It seems that many still will fall to the fraudsters, who will breed them for money. After all advertised such sites are not rare with teaser advertisements on popular websites with a colorful header Baywind large sums of money in a short time, and that attracts people. Well, I have never come across such a divorce!


  4. Anton
    January 29, 2011 at 20:03

    Author fellow! More to such articles, which tell about the scams. So people do not fall for this scam. That's found another interesting article on this subject:


  5. Max
    February 2, 2011 at 19:44

    Also on his site ran ... By the way, respect the author, would like to offer to write in this column LuckyDollar.Biz, just there to kill a lot of money on buying referrals and expensive account.


  6. lilae
    February 8, 2011 at 14:43

    And send him here: alexandr.frid @ gmail.com, all your comments (mat permitted).


  7. Admin PG
    February 8, 2011 at 19:20

    This is a complete scam, I understood at a glance, as well as checked all 4 sites, it was 100% sure of this, there is suspiciously the same design and all of the casinos listed on one person, I'm telling you, checked, he's not lying, he earns 300-500 dollars a day, but earns them on those who believe his tales. :)
    I advise you to look at the casino goldfishka, myself play and win, but if you do not know anything about roulette than doubling the system, do not try to play ...


  8. Marat-Ti
    February 12, 2011 at 17:05

    Internet is no longer really a big dump with different Friedmans ...


  9. bubas
    February 12, 2011 at 19:00

    I am that person now twice seen Friedman, and when I saw Pelermana, it all became clear. Thanks to the author that helps beginners to open his eyes, and in fact at first he almost did not lead, we must create a page and put this face on all common display.


  10. Kovak1981
    February 13, 2011 at 13:19

    The fact that this divorce is not difficult to understand, but in fact, the site is useful. Because all true, lazy, narrow-minded scammers are out of money, and hard-working Grifters (creators of the site) are cashing in at the expense of the lazy throw. And then they themselves would like to throw the casino - so it is normal and right and how they cheated - so soon and plant.

    In general, a system of casino games you can make in practice, but this is not as easy as described in the website vzarabotke.ru, you need to work hard. And, of course, not to those casinos that are listed on the site. On this issue, a lot of information on the Internet, for example, on my site is not just dull systems are listed, but the detail is painted the entire procedure safe relationship with the casino (as protect against the ban, the positive and negative aspects of each method, pitfalls such as rate limiting, etc. ). That is, systemic casino game is the same job, and just like that the money is not given.


  11. Alexey
    February 14, 2011 at 20:11

    All four casinos are the same, different design. The database is used alone, since placing a casino account, then it is possible to access from the other. After playing 10 minutes won 20 fun-s (virtual money). For real money did not play. Alerted that it really is very easy somehow.


  12. Eugene
    February 15, 2011 at 17:53

    Usually people who daily earn 300-500 dollars do not talk so loud about it! So obviously such a big earnings indicate scam! With such earnings in the day do not need anyone at all. :) Money is known to love peace.


  13. Alexander
    April 6th, 2011 at 14:38

    http://www.oprosoff.net/ - yet another site where it is proposed to make money spending on it for 15-20 minutes a day. I faithfully watched the commercials and filled out the questionnaire. The money derived from 800 rubles to the account, and it does not appear immediately, but until the 6th of next month. Questionnaire to fill out and no longer just waiting. Do not wait. :)

    And there are organizations that are struggling with scammers and does anyone know their website?


  14. Andrew
    April 8, 2011 at 21:21

    Swindle of the casino owners. A Martingale system (this is the same system Goldmann - Perelman - Friedman, it is 200 years old soon banging), though not robust, but, in general, the normal casino winning, even with the betting limits. I know, because he played. Simply angelic patience to have at kopecks wealth gathering.

    The Internet is quite normal casino where you can play.

    In general, play system is not easy, you need to consider a lot of nuances, it's almost a science - http://biggs-money.cwahi.net
    Far not everyone will be able to do it successfully, just so mindlessly poking buttons on the mouse and clicking will not earn. Moreover, in practice, very few people can control themselves, making cautious moves, as a rule, almost all break down, losing earnings, ie games for the system needs a decent willpower.


  15. Yuri
    April 16, 2011 at 20:52

    It's amazing how many people believe in the miracle of any pro ... domains addicts too and he does not want. It is easy to check because all through the search engine, it is enough to drive a few words ...

    And common sense should, at least minimally present. All these Forex - divorce at the highest level - who gathered to sue who break the fingers and your letters similar figures spat with a high steeple on their age lovers freebies will always be more than enough, even in the line up of all, why is so easy all peck on the explicit ohmurezh?

    Moreover, they all left to chance, and laziness riders extra button on the keyboard to press.
    For example: if your network has a website offering to open an account in calculating a Brazilian bank, and the attention - declared that the site exists only in the English version, so the site has instructions for registration. In fact - there is a Russian-language version, which makes it clear that transferring the money you do not get any guarantees, even by the recipient does not know who gets the money, no where nothing is saved! You pay your money and you can not prove anything - the perfect scheme to launder. You get the money - and again, do not know from whom. A complete listing of documentation of the bank on my site - moyamagnitka.ru.

    Read all questions will disappear - the law with these crooks can not cope.


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