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Not so long ago, I wrote about stealing content from my blog.

I think that I'm not alone with this problem stalknulsya.

In general, I decided to use the services of service CopyScape .

I went to the website of Foreign Anti-plagiarism.

The first thing catches the eye line of the search query.

It can enter the address of the page that we want to check for uniqueness and click «Go». CopyScape will find all pages on other domains with the same text. The service uses Google search listings . This service is free and has its disadvantages, the main one - the restriction of daily requests.

Okay, I think I should try a paid account.

Look down the page and click on «Log in». We offer a register until the free terms. We enter registration data and find ourselves in a brand new account.

Again, before the eyes of the search query string. But it's different. Now you need to enter the address of the home page of our website / blog and click «Add». Typed, clicked, and we see that our site is stored. To the right of us just added a button link «Protected Links». Certainly go back and see that the default protection of our website is disabled. Feel free to click «Turn On Automatic Link Protection». Now security is enabled.

After that there is another option in the «Select individual pages to exclude below» specify all other domains in which we do not want to look for a copy of our content. What for? Just in case, if your web site has a mirror. We enter the addresses of all the mirrors and thus exclude them from the search plagiatchikov.

All set up, now is the time to make our akkaun paid, in order to enjoy all its charms ...
Right at the top, under the menu item «Copysentry» we click the button «User settings». Page opens our user settings. In the status bar «Copysentry level:» see «No Protection» and a link to the proposal «Purchase Protection», type run defense. This is what we want. Move there. We were offered a choice of two tariff plans: «Copysentry Standart» and «Copysentry Professional». The registration fee is $ 4.95 / month and $ 19.95 / month, respectively. Apart from the price, unlike TA that "Standard" will automatically search for plagiarism once a week, while the "Professional" every day.

Well, the money - at the problem, register the last. We kindly offer a choice of registering for a month with the full amount at once or 19.95 for 3 months + first month free. Walk, so walk - let's take a skidochku. :)

Once again displays information about the selected tariff plan and we read carefully the warning. Skip this step.
And there is a bummer! If the choice of currency for payment of all right (pounds sterling, U.S. dollars and euros), here's the problem with the method. The service can only be paid in three ways: MasterCard, Visa, and Visa Debit. None of this I do not have. There is certainly a card MasterCard, but with a non-activated function of the international electronic payment, so it is not a lot.
I want to shout: "Where is our WebMoney?!».

That's it and stopped. I had to look on the internet testimonials from those who could still benefit from a paid account.
In the end, nothing good I have not seen and only glad that did not give Antiplagiat money for nothing.
Here are just some of the disadvantages:

  1. When you enter a domain mirrors can not only specify its individual page. And typing on the whole domain will always believe in his integrity.
  2. In the transition to a paid account you sign to several months in advance without notice. We learn about it only when the money is withdrawn.
  3. Again, there is a restriction on the number of daily queries. No more than 100 pages. And considering that one page CopyScape considers page, content of which is not more than 2000 characters, many of the pages scanned as two or even four.

Remains seated on the free account. Frankly, compared to paid, it is not very much different. Just exclude the possibility of an automatic daily checks. So it's not a problem. I will periodically check the page manually. It is a pity that antiplagiat only looking up, but is not able to automatically send a message Hosting that he has a website with other people's articles.

And for plagiatchikov in the basement of the blog, I pointed out that I use the service CopyScape. I'm not sorry. Take content - simply put a link back indexable by search engines. Then you will be happy!

There was a time when I had to contact the thieves hosters such content. Usually negotiated for a link back.
Sometimes hoster could not reach an agreement with the administrator splogov about my requirements and then hosting site plagiatchika even closed. They also value their image and do not want to break the law.
It seems to me that the closure of the site is not very nice, because often such splogov used for selling links. If there is a backlink closing would not have happened.

That's actually all. At least I warned thieves content.
And if you had such a problem?

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Published: Monday, February 23, 2009 at 14:14
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  1. neo
    February 8, 2009 at 13:18

    IMHO, CopyScape the undisputed leader in its field. It's a pity that charge and not very comfortable, as the same DCFinder.


  2. Ai Pi Mani
    February 8, 2009 at 13:47

    DCFinder? Have not tried it ...
    I'll have to see.


  3. 13 luck
    May 22, 2009 at 11:57

    I've also chased after him. Already a lot alike. So do not get into a 10, though, and did a partial rewrite and copyright.

    And yes, people, I for unique content.


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