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TCI (thematic index of citing) - thematic citation index, which shows the credibility of the resource relative to other, similar sites on the subject and is used to rank the sites in the catalog Yandex. Is calculated on a scale of 0 to 10 thousand

Witz (weighted citation index) - a quantitative indicator of the popularity web page or web site is defined as the number of links on that page or site from other web resources, and each link has a "weight" which depends on the 'authority' of the web site on which it is located.

Which data is measured by TCI? When measuring TCI links are taken from only those resources that are indexed and Yandex
he is looking for, then there is only "Russian" Internet. This means that references to Russian resources, for example, the directory Yahoo!, not taken into account when measuring by Yandex TCI.

Which resources can be measured by TCI? TCI can be measured for all the resources that are referenced by any of the scanned by Yandex resources at least once.

Which links do not count in the index? When calculating TCI site does not take into account links with web-boards, forums, online conferences, not moderated directories, and other resources to which anyone can add links without the control of the owner of the resource. Also, when calculating the CY ignored links from sites that are on free hosting, if they are not described in Yandex.Catalog. In other words, all such references are to have a weight of zero and will not be able to raise your.

How can raise the TCI and vic. Most reliable and proven way to raise TCI - registration of the Internet in white catalogs. White directory is a directory that do not require reciprocal links (from your site to them) and which put a direct link to your website. To do this, you can take advantage of special services. For example SeoTorg

It should be noted that this service specializes only in white catalogs, unlike the others, who are not averse and "gray". Grey directories also help to raise the TCI, but require a reciprocal link in return. Place back links or not, it's only yours. But ignoring the rules you create a negative impression about yourself, which will adversely affect your resource.

Keep in mind that the level of thematic index of citing and PageRank depends on the reference rate that you can sell on your site.

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Published: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 14:57
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  1. Alexander
    September 29th, 2008 at 21:53

    Interested in the question: how to raise the TIC for free to 250, and can be more?

    There is a proposal (mainly to the author of this blog): If you have the ability and interest in what you are providing me the capacity indicators such as the TIC and PR, may have something to offer, and I in turn will place a link on the site, can be a banner:, your link on the website will stand as long as you'll grant me the services of equal value to the amount of links or banner if the reference price is small, and it is small, then the first time it will be possible to place some links not only to the HS and GB.

    Willing to cooperate with you on a long term basis and fair. The site, which was presented above is the site of the company where I work, and in the future I would like him to earn a plan :) and even some small things. Some details of the cooperation can be discussed in private - a mobile phone, ICQ, e-mail.

    I hope for a long-term and fruitful cooperation, thank you! :)


  2. Sanya
    November 11, 2008 at 14:43

    Not quite a good article, but I would like to see an article about DoFollow blogs, it is very interesting how they look ...


  3. Ai Pi Mani
    November 11, 2008 at 15:02

    Completely agree with you. Find a real (!) Dofollow blog (especially in runet) is difficult.
    What do I mean by "real"?
    In this category I include blogs, where the external links do not put parameters noindex and nofollow. Since most of them only allow something one thing: whether or not noindex, or without nofollow.
    In contrast, my blogs "real." All references are the author's name without comment and without noindex nofollow same time!


  4. Paul
    January 19, 2009 at 18:11

    Blogs nofolow without or without noindex? Even if you leave a comment on the topic, may be subject to strict moderation and your link will be removed simply by hand. :(


  5. Adult master
    March 3, 2009 at 08:13

    Recently, many join the dofollow movement, blogs are easy to find 50. A link in the comments do not leave the TOS, then delete the link will not.


  6. Ai Pi Mani
    March 3, 2009 at 16:33

    This seo blog (Ai Pi Mani), at its very dawn was also dofollow. But then I was faced with the problem of raising their own TCI and pr, as many webmasters noticing my blog actively started to comment, but to inform their readers about dofollow blog is not wanted.
    You end pr by comments funneling, and new readers will not come.
    This I did not like and I closed up shop.


  7. TiamatInc
    March 6th, 2009 at 20:55

    Use "gray" you can, but leave backlinks just is not worth it, otherwise for such linkopomoyku can be completely banned from Yasha shlopotat.


  8. Eugene
    April 6th, 2009 at 09:01

    Dofollow saw an article about how to find the bourgeois blogs. About our there - nothing.
    I even tried popostitsya - this is not an easy task proved. In addition, it is necessary to read the entire post and delve into it (not always), so even when formed review - often turns out that the non-working or blog (can not post links) or bans sites zone ru, or even some kind of crap. A lot of time is spent.
    Now, about the particles.
    Very strange this matter. It is a couple of years, I rolled down from 550 to 40 ... Besides, that links them to the catalog number is only growing - now wonder at all to tear it down (catalog). What to do instead - I do not know ...


  9. TiamatInc
    April 16, 2009 at 17:44

    But the last 4-ro commentators excellent example of spam blog.

    Ai Pi Mani, before you moderation was much better, and the text before the entry form has a moderating

    ZY So imagine how grateful refrigerators, irons and electric shavers are crawling to kiss your feet. ;)


  10. TiamatInc
    April 16, 2009 at 17:45

    Oh ... While writing the post, came fifth. :)


  11. Ai Pi Mani
    April 17, 2009 at 09:04

    TiamatInc, spam fighting as I can.
    But on a blog is not installed Akismet (he does not like me because of the fact that many normal users throws spam), and also works as a direct comment (any comment will appear directly on the page.)
    All this I have done for the convenience of users.
    A brush my spam manually when they get hands (about once a day), but still no suspect did not leave a comment on the distance!

    Recently received a lot of plaintive messages that the blog does not display properly when you minimize the page and small screen resolution. For the past day spent on fitting the new template. Soon we will install and test it.
    That is why the spam until the time strongly enough.


  12. TiamatInc
    April 17, 2009 at 09:46

    I Aksimet worth it. Though he throws the normal comments in spam, but I think it is better to see a list of potential spam messages every day. It's not so difficult, especially given that many spam comments are visible immediately.

    ZY By the way, your blog is normally displayed with a Nokia smartphone with a screen resolution of 240x320. Campaign you also plug is for that.


  13. Ai Pi Mani
    April 17, 2009 at 13:18

    Yes. Smart mobile phones and I use the plugin. But if a person comes from a computer with a resolution of less than 1024x768, the design breaks.
    I work. Correcting. Today, it'll be fixed.


  14. Tiger
    April 17, 2009 at 16:31

    Not a bad article directories still must live!!! And how else can you promote a site from scratch with no money? If someone has a WORKING Olsabmitter with database for automatic recording - otpishite in the comments to any article on my blog. C I also have a present for ...


  15. Nometa
    April 22, 2009 at 09:00

    How many conversations about white catalogs, but something I have not seen contains detailed article about how that's so and so's chased by so many white catalogs. And after some time, the TIC website up on here so much. Need to write.


  16. Ai Pi Mani
    April 22, 2009 at 14:42

    Please register in directories such as
    DMOZ -
    and DMOZ -
    and get your TCI.


  17. Sergei
    May 20, 2009 at 19:34

    As I understand it, the most important thing - to post links to the normal sites?


  18. Maryam
    May 30, 2009 at 08:24

    In the article written about the catalogs, at the moment this way in my opinion died because conducted registration in catalogs, via a well-known service and the site was banned Yasha.


  19. TiamatInc
    May 30, 2009 at 14:34

    Favor of bringing quality moderated directories. A conventional linkopomoyki completely useless.


  20. Ai Pi Mani
    May 30, 2009 at 15:28

    Maryam, поисковые системы не банят сайты из-за внешних факторов. Бан можно получить только из-за внутренних причин.
    Копайте глубже, возможно вы размещали ссылки на некачественные сайты и т.д.

    Если бы прогоном по каталогам можно было получить бан, то все только и делали бы, что прогоняли сайты конкурентов.

    Эта тема не раз обсуждалась с разработчиками Яндекс и представителями Гугла. Все в один голос заявляют, что сайт полностью исключается из индекса поисковой системы (именно так правильно называется «бан сайта») только из-за действий вебмастера непосредственно с самим сайтом.

    Поэтому будьте бдительны: следите за исходящими ссылками, за качеством контента и т.д.


  21. TiamatInc
    30 мая 2009 в 16:18

    Банят не банят, но пессимизация в выдаче вполне возможна, если нулевой сайт начинает стремительно обрастать ссылками.


  22. Alexander
    3 июня 2009 в 13:40

    Расчет ТИЦ описанный в статье устарел, сейчас неизвестно как он рассчитывается :(


  23. Максим
    7 июня 2009 в 23:41

    Если Яндекс не ценит ссылки с ресурсов, таких как каталог, зачем там размещать их?


  24. Vavan
    8 июля 2009 в 13:50

    За счет каталогов можно поднять максимум на 10 тиц и то не всегда.


  25. motoman
    4 октября 2009 в 01:24

    Фигня насчёт каталогов. Зачем продвигать эту статью, если она давно устарела?
    Ссылки в блогах имеют вес, а более всего ссылки в тематических статьях… Могу только сказать, что ТИЦ=10 можно получить даже с 15-20 сайтов, если сайты весомые или стоят сквозные ссылки. А вообще, нужно от 50-60 ссылок… Это тех, которые видит Яндекс.


  26. Мысли вслух
    6 января 2010 в 14:30

    Имхо обмен постовыми с блогами схожей тематики намного полезнее чем прогон по каталогам.


  27. Alexander
    21 января 2010 в 08:15

    А у меня все никак не поднимется этот ТИЦ, скоро головой об клаву биться буду.


  28. Artamos
    22 января 2010 в 06:56

    Последнее время способы нарастить ТИЦ становятся все труднее и дороже… лучше делать упор на повышение трафика.


  29. Дота
    29 января 2010 в 16:20

    Какие примерно нужно набрать бэки, для того, что бы получить как минимум тиц 40?


  30. sur111
    6 февраля 2010 в 02:11

    Полностью согласен с Ай Пи Мани (20 пост).
    Банят, в первую очередь, из-за ссылок на не качественные ссылки.


  31. дмитрий
    3 марта 2010 в 15:43

    Как можно бесплатно поднять тиц сайта и сколько примерно нужно внешних ссылок?


  32. TiamatInc
    3 марта 2010 в 16:31

    Дмитрий, самый простой способ комментирование тематических блогов. ;) Что касается количества ссылок, то тут посложнее будет ответить, тИЦ зависит не только от их количества, но и качества. Может и 1000 ни копейки не принести, а может 100 дать + 20-30 тИЦ.


  33. дмитрий
    3 марта 2010 в 16:58

    TiamatInc спасибо.


  34. Sergei
    6 марта 2010 в 16:28

    Я в этом деле недавно, так что больше читаю, чем высказываюсь. Но разве с приходом Снежинска все описанные методы не изменились? Я имею в виду их реальную эффективность?! Многие «киты» SEO честно признаются, что они теперь не знают как надо продвигать сайт, и что на что влияет. Ведь так? Я например едва успел «продумать» внутреннюю перелинковку, как пришел Снежинск и она стала не актуальной! Тут в комментах пишут, что и с каталогами все не так однозначно… создается впечатление, что единственный надежный способ — это оплачивать рекламу Яндексу?! No?


  35. azovfan
    6 марта 2010 в 20:21

    With that increase particle harder, I fully agree ... Although, I have for example all about laziness - lazy to sit and peck blog comments, write articles ... There is a free service of posting articles, but they need to write, though demand is mainly with unique content and laziness - it's better I'll write on the blog ... Ideally - to roll out at least until the particles = 10 pieces 20 of its sites, with normal content - that Yandex is not banned, then just a short article by citing all posted - got 10 - Ku at the next site.
    But generally Yandex extremely inadequate - I have a number of sites particle jumps down, then up a bit (unfortunately mostly down) without any change in the number of links (ie, backlinks), the familiar year's count is not promoting the site in UC has long been the particles = 1000, full-year fell, fell to 250, the last three apa growing - 300, 375, 450, although the site does not currently do.


  36. Sergei
    March 6th, 2010 at 20:40

    What about laziness - I have the same result gives greed: Well, I'm sorry for your article placed somewhere, samorisannuyu! It's better for your saytik ... and write on 20 grounds unique article - it would have failed long Tolstoy. And if you sit down for this scribbling - then goodbye SEO, it is no time left, just enough to optimize in Encyclopedia. My question is: why the hell Yandex and of their algorithms secret makes? My opinion - handier to knock off the loot! This yashinsky chatter about "sites for the people", and that only Yash know what it is? Well give us the parameters on which the site to become a "human"! We're all going to make sites for these parameters, and they automatically become "human"! And then divorced then you realize the transfer of "Battle of the Psychics" - "Guess how I work!".
    It's not serious! It's good for kindergarten, and not for the internet. But once in the internet were all open, all available ...


  37. azovfan
    March 6th, 2010 at 21:10

    "But what the hell Yandex algorithms secret of his doing? My opinion - handier to knock off the loot! "
    So of course, everyone cares about your income ...

    It is ridiculous to even talk about it, you will find the opportunity to earn $ 5, or free then put 10-20 links, silent ("pop off topic" no one wants as long as it brings something, wherever write "Pal topic" - means infa already out of date or have known for thousands, or does not work), and if Yandex something about the algorithms report - it will be a MEGA THEME Palud, and threw everything into this theme to work ...

    In short, basically all the work - links provide particles, but now they need more quality links either - not necessarily with fatty resources, but natural (or very similar to natural), and on the subject ... It is therefore often buy even hundreds of links does not work .


  38. Sergei
    March 6th, 2010 at 22:55

    "So of course, everyone cares about your income ...
    It is ridiculous to even talk about it "- that's right. Nobody argues. I seem to vaguely expressed his thought - the emotions overwhelmed, excited. :)

    Yandex - it's not me and not you. This is a monopoly in its field. If you do not have to issue Yandex - you do not have in runet. Such a giant conventional approach: "Everyone has the right to cut it wants dibs" does not fit. Yandex actually breaking the law on freedom of information. Not legally, but in fact, I emphasize. It can not all he's so pleasing "pessimizirovat" that none of it ever know. If this is my site - to hell with him, humanity will suffer. But it can be done with any information or news site for example.

    Therefore concealment algorithms - it is not a business, and politics work. And no state. policies that have so-syak, and the policy holders Yandex. Today, the Internet - information space ALREADY means more than the paper-printed.

    I'm a little out of topic, sorry, but I want to protect my opinion - you can not hide the search algorithms, in the case of such a giant as Yasha. This is similar to the deliberate distortion and concealment of information, and this, by the way, is punishable by law.

    You can not equate a webmaster seeking to snatch here-there working pretty penny, and the monster by Yandex, then let them, then this overlapping webmaster of oxygen by the rules known only to him.

    It is impossible to win a game if you do not know the rules. Ai Pi Mani, if I'm not much in the subject - Demolish this comment - but problems!


  39. azovfan
    March 6th, 2010 at 23:36

    "If you do not have to issue Yandex - you do not have in runet." - And that's not right ...
    Some still think so, but it certainly would be so - if you do not have to issue Yandex - you will not earn in Sapa. :)
    I have a year's was in the bath Yandex (stupidly for no reason) - Google has come with 1.5 thousand people a day ... For six months, as Yandex all indexed - added 300 people a day. Income from Adsense ~ 2-3 euro per day, with Sapa - 5 tanks per day (Adsense income has not changed.)


  40. azovfan
    March 6th, 2010 at 23:42

    In principle, Yandex monopolist, with this I can not agree more, but I do not think they're specifically a site banyat or thrown out of the index. Just a very complex algorithm, many degrees, many independent programs - various checks. I myself confronted with the stupidity of the algorithm constantly (frank GS can operate at 100% in the index, and entirely hand painted SOM with unique texts, it is a unique infoy, which is not in runet be in the bath).

    I have over the last 5-6 years are at 10 of the sites have been corresponding with Shchukin, often with no result ... I mean in the time of course it all comes back, but the time can go through the year ...


  41. Sergei
    March 7, 2010 at 12:04

    "But I do not think they're specifically a site banyat or thrown out of the index"
    I have no such information to argue. But one thing is clear, they can do so if they wish. And even can easily explain his innocence in the process. It is as if the policeman stopped the car too, then with a dozen violations, he will always find if desired.

    "Frankly GS can operate at 100% in the index"
    Even worse, in my subjects for two weeks hanging dull doorway and slowly creeps up. So the statement yandeksovtsev that their robots are now not only read but also understand the meaning of written - bullshit.

    "If you do not have to issue Yandex - you do not have in runet." - And that's not right ...
    As anyone. I have just come from Google unity. Others are Russian-language search engines can not take into account - this is today's reality. They are, but the weather does Yandex.


    March 8, 2010 at 08:36

    On many sites and forums write that effectively promote a website using Allsubmitter.


  43. orzik
    March 28, 2010 at 16:15

    Creative ways to improve the TIC and PR for free.
    Here's a new way to raise the index.

    If you have reached this page, so have been reading about the runs through catalogs and stuff ... I'll tell you a unique way, which will raise the TIC for the week of 0 to 20.
    And that's without the runs! So: create sites on free hosts (10-15 pieces), such as on the people. There it can be done quickly, and they were quickly Yandex indexes.
    And do these website links to each other and to their website (which we untwist) as well. A week later, we see the TIC 10-20 depending on the subject.
    By the way at the expense of the run, if you leave comments on blogs and their owners can simply delete them. Then the output is: register blogs, for example with the name of 1 Login, Login 2 and so 20 pieces and refer to them on the same sites that were doing. And you're done. TIC 20 is provided to you in a week, and if you drove through catalogs, the more 30-40.

    There is another issue all heard of the infamous 6 purses! You can stir up the TIC and the same. Only in their wallets, was not to last, and all six, and here it is necessary to put a link to the latter, and not all change as TIC is growing at others - and growing with you. More can be read here:

    You can still download a unique and one-of-a-kind script html, which is deceiving robot and scan it thinks that the sites are attached to this script link to your site. Accordingly, the TIC is growing by 100% after each scan your website. For example TIC - 0 after scanning 10, a week after the next scan (Yandex scan sites about once a week), 20 etc. A maximum increase of up to 200-300 depending on the subject. Download the script HERE:

    You simply download the html code downloaded to the root directory of your site and all the rest will be done by a robot and a month later your TIC will be 40. In this case, you do not need to do anything.


  44. Dmitry
    April 24, 2010 at 20:11

    Run through catalogs is no longer relevant. Here, for example, has created a catalog, connected it to your site. A couple of months accumulated 400 selected (weekly check for the presence of backlinks), but as the TCI was 10 and has remained ...
    Maybe that's wrong doing ...


  45. Extruder
    June 30, 2010 at 11:00

    It is interesting to find out if put a link on the site itself such that TCI = 4000, how much will my site titsom = 10?


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