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I get a lot of letters with offers to exchange links, questions about the progress or just advice. Nothing is left unattended, I read all the letters to give answers or recommendations.

When writing a post about What to look for when choosing a CMS for the site , I ran into this dilemma, I just could not find the correct heading. Long thought: to create a new right column, or "quit" in the already existing (though not quite on the topic). The result - chose the second option. :)

However, today I received a letter from Alexander, which made me think again on a new heading.

That is, in fact, the letter itself:

Good day,
I have read and signed by a long time, all very interesting and written in plain language, of course thank you for it. :)

My question is, why did not the section about the creation of websites starting "from scratch" and ending with "graphics, etc."? The thing is that I understand all this "something" is, but he's never did, says a lot of things on the internet about creating sites and each praises something, I certainly understand that you can write about it forever, but still could make a section for beginners. And I think people like me on the internet a lot, who does not know how to start, because the promotion etc. - Is one thing, but to make a site that's another! It would just be fun to have led by example and made a special Section. That said, it showed phases like "courses", ie "The guys are creating today's HTML engine with such and such, such and such design - site card for example." :) And the article is incomplete, say the first lesson (well, I, for example), and the second lesson - somewhere after 3 days, ie the first lesson explains and provides how-to reference!

Then, when we have learned to make the site a business card - makes the site more difficult, etc. then with the CMS. The fact is that even people who visit in the comments can give advice or anything!

And I think the worse is not to be more than just attendance. (Just around the web about the creation of websites written by a continuous text, and as I have done is right or not, no one will check. And so, made under the strict guidance of your first website showed people watched, evaluated and found errors. :)

I think the attendance only increase and it will be interesting! So, I wait for the "Creating a site".

Sincerely, Alexander.

I hasten to express my gratitude to Alexander for the initiative and to invite all to discuss the proposal.

There is already a forum where exactly is the "Creating Web Sites."

I propose the following option.
Anyone registered on the forum and he writes interesting topics. The forum will take place the whole process of discussion, and I, in turn, will publish the best ones on the blog topics and create your own.

Maybe someone has any other suggestions: write a comment.

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Published: Friday, April 16, 2010 at 18:39
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  1. Maxim
    April 17, 2010 at 14:40

    Quite an interesting proposal but something half-dead forum.


  2. Ai Pi Mani
    April 17, 2010 at 16:40

    The Forum was opened on March 13 (more recently).
    It still needs to unwind and unwind. That's why I suggested that option. As the saying goes, "two birds with one stone." :)


  3. Gorg
    April 18, 2010 at 13:49

    I read the update. That's interesting. Commenting is very, very rare. I think probably better to create a partition. The forum can and good. But ... I like it I do not come. I come here only. But of course you decide. Would section, then went to often.


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