An explosion in a subway station in Minsk on October

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Today, during the rush hour after work (around 18:00) on the Minsk metro station "October", a massive explosion. Suffered a lot of people.

Who did this explosion? And most importantly why?

Criminals (or as they are called in the media "terrorists") intentionally wanted to hurt a lot of people.

1. The explosion occurred during the rush hour.
2. The explosion at the "October" was the busiest subway station.
3. Because of the disadvantages of the station interior was almost impossible to move around the escalator stairs - they literally filled up roll away siding.
4. A very powerful explosive device.
5. Due to the recent rise in price of petrol and diesel, public transport has been to move more people, which could not but affect the number of victims.

I want to express a special thank emergency services for prompt assistance. Everyone did well and quickly.

Arrived on the scene and Lukashenko. When he returned, the President held an emergency meeting. Law enforcement officers, the Government, the Presidential Administration, Minsk City Executive Committee were given specific instructions to the victims, strengthen security measures in transport, public places and investigate crimes, medical assistance to victims).

Guys, let's support each other in this difficult time. Do not believe the unconfirmed rumors, do not panic.

The latest news about the explosion in the subway to the "October" is available here:

List of victims of the explosion in Minsk

The death toll in the explosion at the metro station "October" 11 April 2011

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Published: Monday, April 11, 2011 at 20:54
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  1. Muay Thai
    April 15, 2011 at 02:44

    Just slipped on a mail ru, a terrorist - just a fan of explosive devices, a fan of blasting, so to speak. It's just kapets! Psychic test showed that the normal.

    As it is real, normal person would be killed as a hobby? Brad.


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