How to become rich and successful man

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In order to earn a lot of money on the internet you need to have some knowledge.

First of all, we need to understand how to become rich in real life. After all, virtual life is based on the actual areas and experiences.

Как стать богатым и успешным человеком

Social psychologists have conducted studies and came to the conclusions that should be your rules of life.

How to become rich and successful man

1. Each Your problem should be solved as soon as possible, usually when the least amount of effort required to solve the problem. Be firm! Less hesitate to do more!

2. Less work for someone else. The more you work, the less you live! However, I do not consider the work of their favorite things. Employment - from the word slave!

3. If you are going to have money to bring to the market value and some people will bring you money. But the amount of money depends on how strongly you write out the benefits of this value!

4. Work only for the sake of self-interest. Forget about calling the corporate culture and loyalty to the company. The company has always profit from you, otherwise you would not work there.

5. Think about how to earn a minimum of $ 50,000 per month. Possible. Less is impossible!

6. Money comes to you through other people. Communicate! Unsociable and beech trees rarely become rich.

7. Poor ambience is almost always pulls you into poverty. Even the very rich will always be "family, friends and other petitioners," which, if not professionally from them to fight back quickly rob you of your money. If you are still poor people, around you just do not like, do not respect and some even hate the rich. You always have to deal with winners and optimistic. That's right, with a capital - and the winners of the optimist!

8. Poverty occurs when shirk responsibility!

9. If you have little money to do business. If there is no money at all, it is necessary to do business immediately, right now! Look for problems and ways to solve them wisely. The most successful solutions documented in the form of business projects and offer investors.

10. The path to great wealth is only a passive income! Income that comes to you regardless of your efforts. Create a source of passive income, and currently live in the pleasure!

11. There are only two rules for profitable investments. First - take care of the money! Rule number two - wanted to take a chance, look to the right. Income must always exceed the expense.

12. Study the biography and thought of the richest people in the world.

13. Ask yourself the question "Who am I? What is my unique? What is the meaning of my life? What would I (ies) involved, if the money was Nemer? '. Be honest! Strength, energy, passion of the answers to these questions, from the awareness of the meaning of their own lives - just all-powerful!

14. Dreams - this is important in your life! To dream and believe that dreams come true! The man begins to die, it is no longer a dream.

15. Help people! Not for money, from the heart! But! Only those people who you want to help themselves. This is not necessarily relatives or friends.

16. Speak compliments! Just praise the woman on the street for a beautiful hairstyle for a beautiful man, a sports figure, but one thing or another cause for praise. It's always ups and your self-esteem!

17. Keep a daily log of your wins! Resentment and defeat remembered by 7-12 times longer victories and successes. If you have lost heart - read this magazine!

Donald Trump's advice - how to get rich

Как стать богатым — Дональд Трамп

Billionaire Donald Trump gave 10 tips for those who want to get rich. This businessman owned billions in the 1980s has lost all his fortune, but soon again became a rich man. Now its capital is estimated at $ 3 billion. In his book "Trump. How to get rich "entrepreneur, based on his own life experience, gives novice businessmen are 10 tips on how to earn the first billion:

1. Dress in accordance with its social and cultural status

Over the years, Trump has figured out what to wear cheap clothes - absolutely not correct. You can certainly buy something inexpensive (after all, no one will know the price), but it is something that will look exactly as much as he paid for.

"Clothing says a lot about us even before we open the mouth" - says Donald.

2. Provoke others

A good way to appreciate those who are sitting with you at the negotiating table - a provocative voice, elaborate phrases. By the reaction of the interlocutor can easily understand what he is like.

3. Be your own financial expert

Trump believes that it is not necessary to hire a financial advisor, as there are many cases where these "professionals" led to the crash. It is better to learn yourself by reading the information on the pages of business magazines.

4. Learn how to stand up for themselves

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth", - stated in the Old Testament. If you are under pressure - the same answer if the insult - the attackers. Do not trust anyone, even to a close friend - he at any time may encroach on your wife and money.

5. Care for your hair

Billionaire is often criticized for the fact that he often combed, but he believes it is very important.

6. Avoid shaking hands

A firm handshake could be the cause of infections. It is necessary to avoid them, because you need good health!

7. Listen to intuition and instinct obey

How much would you have any diploma, try to listen to your inner voice. Often, there are subtle signs that you need or do not need to make a deal and meet with certain people.

8. Be optimistic and ready to failure

Should always be optimistic, but at the same time be prepared for any problems and falls. This will keep the internal energy and save you from unpleasant surprises.

9. Pay attention to the details

It is important to remember in detail all the events, words and deeds - ignorance of these aspects are also doomed to unpleasant surprises.

10. Pre-nuptial contract

Sometimes feelings overshadow the mind and it seems that this man you will be together forever and that the marriage contract you do not need. But the author warns that it is impossible to think so. The marriage contract is always needed, otherwise you will easily lose that aspired to for years.

At the end of Donald Trump says that if he did not follow all of this advice, the "book was written not a billionaire, but a man who lost a lot."

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Published: Monday, July 11, 2011 at 22:56
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  1. Ilona
    July 27, 2011 at 10:35

    Good tips that can really help those who are going to their targets, but they are very much "Western" and not at all suited to our mentality.


  2. Ilya
    September 14th, 2011 at 18:49

    Sensible advice. But still need a starting capital. And then maybe get rich, if you're lucky.


  3. Ivan
    November 5, 2011 at 13:42

    Certainly necessary start-up capital, but it was necessary to read carefully: there are people with interesting business ideas that need capital and certainly there will be people who want to invest in the idea.


  4. Alexey
    November 8, 2011 at 09:53

    "We need start-up capital" - this excuse to continue to do nothing and justify to themselves. If you strongly want to become financially free, you will not stop.
    A clear article! Very pleased, even twice read. Thank you.


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