17 Tips to improve the success

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It seems to be obvious thesis, but it is very useful to re-read them again and realize that sometimes you forget to follow them.

1. Write down all the cases. Do not try to keep it all in my head. Pour them down on paper or in a program planner. The less in your mind thoughts of outstanding cases, the more you can focus on the task at hand, and the better you can execute it. This is - the basic principle of the world famous methodology GTD .

2. Do the most important thing first. Seems to be simple. But in practice, it turns out that we do not often busy most important things, putting important things for later. Try this: you get up in the morning, to perform all the rituals morning and 2-3 hours to do the most important things to do. The fact that propels you to your goals.

3. Plan for the day in the evening. Never put off till morning! Very simple advice, but really helps not to get bogged down in unimportant matters, and focus on the main priorities right.

4. Give up from paper. Bring all the records, all the cases, all of the projects in electronic form. This saves time and allows you (with proper organization of your files) to get quick access to the right data. Recommend the use of Things . This program is available for the iPhone. :)

5. Use Dropbox . This service is synchronizing your files on all your digital devices. It is already difficult to imagine how much time can be lost simply because the hand did not have all the files at once.

6. Use Mind-mapping. What is it? It's a whole paradigm of thinking. Its use improves productivity tenfold. It is not an exaggeration. Once upon a time I was shocked, just by reading the preface to the book " Supermyshlenie "list of what to do and had to carry out in their lives the authors of this technique (and books), brothers Busey. Short and clear about Mind-mapping can be read in a very sensible note: Vitaly Kolesnik .

7. Save even seconds when working at the computer. They run over in minutes and hours. A simple example. As most people use a computer? Mouse (or touchpad) + keyboard. For most activities, we use the cursor, and use the keyboard for typing text and numbers. Few people know that almost all actions in the operating system and programs are provided "hot key combinations», hotkeys. It is proved that it is much more efficient than the constant use of the cursor. Not necessarily know all of them, it is enough to start small and work your PC has become more efficient. Here is a list of such combinations for Windows .

8. Learn blind 10-finger method of printing. Yeah, take it and learn. Programs and services, simulators now the sea! If your work is connected with the computer, you will save tens of minutes or even hours every day!

9. Strive for a single task. Do not try to do everything at once. Choose a task, get the distractions (peers, social networks, Skype, ICQ, mail, internet) and just do it. More information can be found in the book by Timothy Ferris .

10. Get up early. Ancient as the hills, advice that allows millions of people around the world to keep up a lot every day.

11. Do sports or even charging. This will help keep your body in the right form, which means your mind and spirit will work more efficiently.

12. Eliminate "not the case" out of your to-do list. Suppose that in your plan will be just what you can take and do not hesitate. For example, "start a new project," this is not the case. This is a project. But "to determine the objectives of the project for 2 months" - this is more like a business. Even better, if your list will be action.

13. For each task, indicating the time that you tell her allotment. There is even an entire machinery with a funny name "Pomodoro", read more about it here .

14. Ignore the unimportant. You have no idea how much extra time you liberate yourself by simply ignoring anything that can be ignored.

15. Whether proaktiven. Do not react, and he determines what to do and what to bolt to score. Yes, the "proactive" - ​​a term from the book by Stephen Covey. More can be read here .

16. Save your files immediately to where they belong. To do this you need to, of course, file storage system, which will help create a GTD. For example, do not be lazy to write to the phone book right contacts. This is useful for future retrieval and processing.

17. Change the activities. Longer you do the same thing, the lower your productivity. Change and the type of activity a few times a day. This will help maintain the freshness of view and high creativity.

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  1. Dmitry
    October 11, 2011 at 19:09

    Excellent advice, thank you!


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