Financial crisis

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All were screaming about the coming financial crisis.

Quotes on the stock exchanges fall ratings of the banks go down, people will soon order cashes all the electronic money.

Personally, I myself recently failed to buy U.S. dollars in the bank. They said that just as long as no. A familiar, obsessed with the financial crisis, as only get money for a card - just remove all under the net!

I'm certainly not shy ... but there is too little concern about saving money.

Since I often exchange WebMoney, for me the important thing is the exchange rate. And so. Climbed on the internet, I decided to find the most profitable electronic exchanger, as WebMoney exchanger integrated course I never liked him.

After spending some time on the forum on the financial crisis I came across an interesting service, designed to help us keep our money in exchange.

I present to you the service of the best foreign exchange e-currencies in RuNet. It is designed for those who change the electronic money on the internet, and for those who like to make an exchange with minimal losses to the Commission exchangers. monitors the automatic exchange of electronic currencies. This service continuously monitors the largest and most reliable exchangers to ensure that we are always able to find out which exchange point we can produce the most beneficial exchange of one currency for another.

Also, I learned about a new contest from tu-tu-tu. The contest is called Battleship for sentry . All the details on the blog itself.

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Published: Saturday, December 20, 2008 at 15:44
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  1. Maria
    April 16, 2009 at 11:29

    I support the sentiment stick Yavorskaya Irina E. Alexander and Karafelova Mironavich, considered useless to predict the duration of this crisis. After all, life does not stop and draws us into the future. This time can be used with advantage. And if you do not build equity material, then let the spiritual, and intellectual.


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