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Place a website in the search results depends on many parameters. In principle, they can be divided into two groups: internal and external.

The external factors include those ranging webmaster which can affect any moment. These include the content and design of the resource, the site code.

Внутренняя оптимизация сайта — Начало

The volume of content on the page

Almost all search engines, all other things being equal preference for those sites that have a large amount of information. Therefore, you should regularly and constantly fill your life with new articles, posts and news. In addition to the total amount of information on the site should be aware of the amount of each item.

Small, up to 500 characters texts are considered by search engines uninformative. Search engines love large amounts. Therefore it is necessary to focus on a number from 500 to 3000 characters. This text is much more likely to get into search results.

You do not need to try to place the texts is the same size. A variety of volumes of articles also an important factor of trust search engines to the site. Otherwise, they may suspect that the resource is completed robots and serves exclusively for the sale references.

The number of keywords on a page

Объем контента на странице

The requirements of search engine optimization is such that writing any text requires not only informative articles, but also the inclusion of certain key phrases or words. In their absence, the chances that search engines will pay attention to such a document to be small. The exact number of keywords depends on the amount of content. The more text on a page, the more keys must appear in the text.

In addition to individual words in the article must be present key phrases. Availability of such phrases increases the overall frequency keys and relevant page as a whole. The optimal combination of certain key words and phrases search engines perceive as a signal corresponding to the content site user request.

For example, the need to optimize the text under such a key phrase like "buy a TV." So this phrase in this form should be shown on the page about 8 times. In addition, the word "TV" to be done in the article body still 6raz and the verb "buy" 4 more times. This abstract example shows the general principle that should be carried out this stage of internal optimization.

Keyword density

In particular the number of keywords in the text, has an important parameter such as the density, measured in percentage. For example, if the article of 100 words correct key eating 6 times, respectively, the density of the word is 6%. Thanks to a variety of services can be easily and quickly calculate the required amount.

Optimally optimized article is about 5-7% of the density of the desired word. Too high a percentage of the keywords will be seen by search engines as overoptimize, spamnyh text. In this case, the site may be imposed appropriate filters. In addition, a glut of text keywords, makes the article difficult to read, which affects the behavioral factors. The low density of keywords, search engine spiders are not able to determine whether a particular page is useful for this search.

The distribution of keywords in the article

From the perspective of optimization, the closer to the top is a key word or phrase, the more important it gives the search engine spiders.

Making text

Оформление текста

So f as a man, the search engines pay attention to the different selection in the text. Bold, italic, subtitle or highlighting - all affect the way the search engines will view content.

1.Poetomu, necessary to emphasize the location of keywords in the headings and subheadings. Despite the ever-changing algorithms of search engines tags "H" is still highly sought after by robots.

2. reasonable allocation of key phrases in bold. Better allocation is done using the tag «strong». The best option - 2-3 highlight the text.

Tag «Title»

1. From the point of view of search engine optimization tag «Title» is of paramount importance. It was on him first of all pay attention to search engines. Adding keywords in this tag is optional.

2. The content of the tag will be used in the text links on this page. Accordingly, the presence there of key words gives some idea of ​​the content of the page. To make the transition from this link not just users, namely targeted visitors should be included in the composition of its words, which provide a clear understanding of the contents of the test.

3. It should be remembered: in search results gets no more than 80 characters of this tag. Therefore, it makes no sense to write too long titles for articles.

Keywords in links

With any method of relinking return should be included in the link anchor text keywords or phrases.

Image tag «ALT»

Search engine optimization is unthinkable without the graphic content. Each picture or the picture is the so-called alternate text that is displayed in failing to see the picture. Therefore always need to include the tag «ALT» using key phrases.

Though this tag does not affect the search issue, however, the search engines consider it when indexing pages. In any case, the presence of key words will never hurt.

Meta Description Tag

Мета-тег Description

1. The presence of this meta tag to specify a brief description of the page. His presence is very important for the resource, although not directly affect the search results. Most search engines is taken from the description, information to be displayed on the page delivery. Unless, of course, the text of the tag corresponds to a user's request.

2. Experience shows that getting on the first page does not guarantee a large number of users. Much of this depends on how the contents of the meta tag Descriptionpolezno for network users. If the text of the tag at the other site visitors seem more appropriate to their needs and expectations, they are more likely, clicked on the link of a competitor.

3. Given the importance of this parameter in optimizing a website to try to get through the most informative description of the page, with the obligatory inclusion of keywords. In this case, you should try to make it brief, concise.

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