10 tips for optimizing a website that everyone should know

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10 советов по оптимизации сайта которые должен знать каждый

Optimization for any online resource is of paramount importance.

However, if the professional SEOs and SEOs possess the necessary knowledge of the mass and an arsenal of programs that make it easier to promote the site, then a novice saytostroitelyu have to learn from your mistakes.

An appeal to professionals effectively only at some specific stage of creating and promoting a website.

But the development of the resource - is a continuous process and long, so having a set of basic concepts and principles of search engine optimization, even the novice webmaster can save some money and gain invaluable experience in practical knowledge.

The following tips will help make your life optimized, the way it should see the search engine spiders.

1. Unique content

Уникальный контент

Any site or blog is filled with the appropriate information. The emergence of a new source does not remain unnoticed by search engines. If such information is not in the network, the robots find it unique.

If the content of the page is much like information from another resource, the search engines will consider it just for informational garbage. The uniqueness of content - this is one of the most important parameters that affect the overall presentation of the search engines about your site.

How to solve the problem:

The content of your site came up for the search engines in a positive light, it is necessary to place only unique content. You can buy or order articles on various exchanges Stateyny resources or freelancing.

You can write them yourself. Various photo editors will help make the network found a photo or image unique and original. If you want to place graphic content or article without the necessary corrections and re-writing, you should put a link back to the site from which it was taken.

Thus, both the search engines will treat with understanding, and claims by the site owner will not be.

2. The uniqueness of names

Уникальность имен

To ensure the presence of all the pages in the index of search engines, you should avoid similar names. Even if the articles with identical names are in different categories, and these are referred to different menu items, search engines consider them at the same address. That is, they throw a duplicate of the search.

How to solve the problem:

Each new page of the site must wear a name different from the others. It is recommended to prescribe alias (a pseudonym) in Latin letters page so that it reflects the meaning, the content of the subject there.

3. Dashes instead of underscores

Тире вместо знака подчеркивания

Search engines do not pay attention to the sign "_".

How to solve the problem:

In most cases, the page name consists of a few words. Therefore, prescribing the name, it is best to put a dash between words instead of underscores.

4. The use of color

Применение цвета

Some webmasters, using someone else's content, hide the source. Using the color of the link is the same as the page background, they make them invisible to users.

However, you can outsmart site visitors, but search engines. Noticing this "disguise" the search engines do not index the page, and in some cases apply sanctions to the resource.

How to solve the problem:

When you create a page of the site, you need to use multiple colors. Preferably, font color, background, or references are of different color. So, you warrant that all search engines will view your site favorably.

5. Standard page layout

Стандарты разметки страницы

The creation of any site in the network, several types of markup language and programming languages ​​Web documents: HTML, XHTML, PHP.

Browsers read such a web programming languages, translating digital and letter code at people understand text and graphics. If the syntax is broken, then the search engine spiders can not read properly and display a page cache it. As a result, there is no existing content indexing.

How to solve the problem:

Check the site for errors and code compliance standards can page through special services. Such as w3c . After checking your site a detailed report of all the errors and shortcomings (in English), which were found in the page code.

6. Style sheets

Таблицы стилей CSS

Each page of a site is not only the visible people with information. It contains a large amount of source code, invisible to visitors, but important for the robots.

A large amount of "junk" that is formed by the use of word processing, unnecessary tags - all it will block the page code complicates and slows down the loading and indexing it.

How to solve the problem:

One of the effective ways is to use styles CSS. Various properties and attributes can change before our eyes extrinsic properties of all the pages of your website. The core code remains unchanged.

This optimization will present it in a favorable light in front of search engine robots.

7. Unique Title and description

Уникальные Title и description

The same names and descriptions of pages allow search engines to identify completely different pages, as one and the same instrument.

How to solve the problem:

To avoid this, it is necessary to prescribe a unique Title tag and description. This way, you will not only improve site optimization, but also to provide additional traffic in general and targeted visitors, in particular, through the correct snippet.

8. Closure of the external links

Закрытие внешних ссылок

The presence of any outgoing link involves the leakage of such a measure as PageRank . A large amount of external links may lead to a catastrophic drop in this indicator and, as a consequence, the loss of confidence in the site.

Especially important is a problem for the young, not yet having high trust sites.

How to solve the problem:

Prevent leakage of weight you can use the attribute rel = "nofollow". Placing it in the body of links, you allow visitors to pass through it, but not weight. In addition, it helps to add another tag attribute <a>: target = "blank". The presence of this attribute allows you to open the link in a new window.

That is, going through it, the network user leaves the page with your site open.

9. Problems with Flash and JavaScript

Проблемы с Flash и JavaScript

The essence of the problem is that the links are not indexed by search engines, if they are located in an external file Flash and JavaScript.

How to solve the problem:

To avoid problems do not have the navigation resource in external files JavaScript. In this case, the need to use a programming language code must be placed directly on the page. In addition, you can use these scripts to hide the counter.

Due to the fact that search engine spiders can not read external files JavaScript, you can get rid of a certain amount of unnecessary external links.

10. Canonicalization


Each page of the site may have several different addresses. For example, http://washsite.ru, www.washsite.ru, www.washsite.ru / index.php. All these addresses, although belong to the same page for the search engines are considered quite different. Such duplicates are not only useless, page weight, as it were divided among several similar.

If visitors it does not matter, but the calculation of PageRank and thematic index of citing depends on the weight of the page.

How to solve the problem:

Detailed description of this problem and its solutions can be found in the article on how to keep your link popularity . The bottom line is that when you get back links to your site (buying them, registering it in the catalogs), it is always necessary to specify the same address.

In this case, you can be sure that such a reference would be most productive to work on improving these important parameters of ranking.

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Published: Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 14:36
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  1. Sanya
    November 11, 2008 at 14:55

    Article found a great many useful things for themselves. Thank you.


  2. Veronica
    March 9, 2009 at 16:13

    Always nice to find something useful.
    Thank you.
    Add site to bookmark Yandex.
    Sincerely Veronica.


  3. Aquarius
    August 18, 2009 at 20:55

    Here's a site that tyrit me (and not only me) content. So he has to index all the pages with the same name.
    This is contrary to paragraph 7.
    Here is the site http://yandex.ru/yandsearch?serverurl=www.fresh-comp.ru
    In general, the article is interesting, I read your blog.


  4. Ai Pi Mani
    August 19, 2009 at 18:23

    Perhaps I was too categorical, writing in the 7th paragraph, that the pages are not indexed ...
    We presented you splogov indexed pages and also in Google http://www.google.com/search?hl=ru&q=site:fresh-comp.ru&newwindow=1&filter=0
    I think that the failure of the 7th paragraph still does not allow fresh-comp.ru:
    1. survive for at least two years;
    2. get good puzomerki;
    3. hold in the index at least six months;
    4. get quality search traffic.

    I believe that by working on a major project still need to follow the 7th paragraph.


  5. Paparats-kvetka
    December 27, 2009 at 20:09

    If possible, eliminate the use of tags «font». It's the last day.
    A tag as «span».


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