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Keyword Selection - one of the fundamentally important steps in creating a website. In preparing the text, which will be published on the site should already be known keywords.

Правильно подбираем ключевые слова для семантического ядра

For their selection to use services that offer klinentam search engines:

  1. for sites in English is WordTracker ;
  2. for the site

Please note that the search engine Google did not provide any information on the frequency of requests.

Using data from these services, we must not forget that the results obtained by means of them are pretty much different from the reality.

Having defined the preliminary list of key words should analyze your competitors. Note on what key phrases they are guided, and it is possible that you will find something useful for yourself.

Low-frequency and high-frequency queries

In the optimization of a site, there are two main strategies - optimization for a small number of the most popular hand column, or under a large number of less popular. In fact, often the best choice is the combination of both strategies.

Lack tweeter - a great level of competition for them. For a site that only appears online, it is very difficult to be in the top on such requests.

For woofers, by contrast, are often quite simple phrase appears on a page, or a very simple text optimization. In certain circumstances, the low-frequency queries give a pretty decent search engine traffic.

The main objective of the vast number of commercial sites - to sell the customer a product or service, or to make a druigm by visitors. This factor must be considered when selection of keywords and search for optimization in general. Must strive to attract the target audience to the site (that is, those who are willing to buy on the site product or service), and not simply to increase the number of visitors.

Example. Query «nokia» is much more popular (and competitive but at the same time) than the query «Nokia Lumia 925" (the actual name of the model). at etolm for the seller of mobile phones are much more valuable than the second visitor, and get it a lot easier, as the level of competition on the second request is not so great. This is another important difference between high-and low-frequency queries, which can not be overlooked.

Rating competitive level searches

When a set of key words more clearly delineated, it is necessary to define the central core of the words that will be optimized.

LF requests at this stage of the set aside.

According to the most popular search phrases level of competition is usually very high, which is why it is important to realistically assess the possibilities of the site.

To assess the level of competition will need to calculate some indicators of the top 10 websites in the search results:

  1. Average PageRank pages ;
  2. Average TCI sites whose pages were in issue;
  3. The average number of inbound links to these sites in the issuance of various search engines.

Additional indicators:

  1. The number of web pages that contain the specified search term (in other words, the number of search results);
  2. The number of pages on the web that contain an exact match search phrase (like when you search using quotation marks).

Additional indicators help to indirectly assess the difficulties in deriving the site to the top of the selected keyword phrase.

In addition to the indicators listed above, you can be certain of the number of sites of the issue is reflected in the leading directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ, and Yandex.

Analysis of all these parameters and compare them with the performance of your site make it possible to predict very strictly prospects of advanced site in the top issue for this keyword phrase.

Making an assessment of the level of competition pokazhdoy chosen phrases, you can select a few popular phrases with an acceptable level of competition, and which have to do with the main rate optimization and promotion.

Clarification requests step by step

As we have already noted, services, search engines often do not give much correct information, which is why the first time to find the perfect site for this particular set of keywords rather rarely.

Once finished layout of the website and made the first steps on his promotion, there is an additional statistics on key demands: you see rating of your site in search for specific phrases and podchsityvaete number who came for this phrase on their website.

With this information, you can see quite clearly define good and bad phrases. Usually do not even need to wait for the site to hit the top issue on the judgment phrases in all the search engines - enough for one or two.

Example. Suppose your site was the first place in this phrase into a search engine Rambler. However, neither at Google, or in Yandex is not here yet for this phrase.

But seeing the percentage of visits to the site from various search engines (for example, Yandex - 65%, Google - 25%, Rambler - 10%), it is already possible to predict the approximate traffic for a particular phrase and decide whether it is appropriate for you.

In addition to determining bad phrases, you can create a new successful versions. So, seeing that kind of phrase that does not specifically untwisted, brings good traffic, but your site it is to issue only on the second or third page.

So in your hands appear refined set of key phrases. Then you need to start rebuilding the site - to change the text under the most successful phrases to create new pages for further made phrases, etc. So after a while you can find the optimal set of keywords for your site and thus significantly increase search engine traffic.

A few extra tips

According to statistics, from 30 to 50% of search traffic is on the main page. It is more visible in search engines and it has a larger number of external links.

That is why the main page of the site you want to optimize for the most popular and competitive demands. Each page of the site is optimized for one or two keyword phrases (and under some low-frequency queries). This increases the probability of the site to the top search engines selected for promotion phrases.

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Published: Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 14:36
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  1. Yurium
    November 16, 2008 at 01:04

    Google already displays information about the frequency of requests.


  2. AdvertCom
    January 11, 2009 at 04:03

    I use Yandex and AdWords'tom from Google for keyword selection, so far lacking. :)


  3. choice
    July 11, 2011 at 11:59

    I also use Yandex Direct and AdWords. As long as enough.


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