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You have already read a lot of posts about how to optimize the text and increase link popularity, is applicable to all search engines. The leader of the description in this area was Google, which implies a huge amount of information about the search engine on the web. However, read and apply these ideas to other search engines, because most of them are suitable for them.

Особенности работы разных поисковых роботов

Those who have already eaten a dog on resource optimization for search engines, prefer to work with Google. There is even a saying: "I develop a website on Google, as Yandexsam turn up." This again speaks in favor of the similarity of the algorithms of search engines and the study of such rules, allowing to reach a good result in the ratings of several search engines simultaneously. However, I do not want to mystify the activities of developers and search for the "secret knowledge" in the algorithm of a search engine.

However, some of the features that distinguish the search engines need to know.

For Google plays important number of external links on the resource. In this search engine has a very fast indexing and these are other search engines and specialized portals.

MSN - in the search engine focuses on the content of the registered share. Taken into account the semantic side and its consistency, volume, as well as the uniqueness of the text. In the case of MSN will not be able to cheat the system by simply copying content from other sites, or the use of special software that generates text. However, the Russian-speaking users spared this fate, since the search engine with the language problems.

We now turn to the characteristics of a leader among Russian search engines. Engine Yandex handles between 60 and 80 percent of requests in Russian. Much attention is paid to the links on the topic of the resource, but also non-thematic links are effective, but not to a greater extent than other search engines.

Note that if the resource is written in html and does not use the CSM, then the indexing takes much more time than from Google. But do not worry - it is real time. Increase the rate of indexation of the holders of the engine WordPresspomogut automatic update services, so I recommend to read them yourself.

Be careful Yandex decreases in catalog those websites on the pages where there are non-thematic links to the exclusion of them from the index. This is a necessary measure aimed at fighting resources, aimed at a single goal - to improve their own rankings, or with resources capable of communicating with the automatic exchange of links of sites (called linkatory).

From time to time produces Yandex update its database. It takes several days and during this period the rating may display an incorrect value, so do not engage in these days work on the site - just wait until the system is again stable work.

Finally, I note that Yandex is case sensitive, so the search results will be different, depending on whether you write "home" or "home." So remember this when choosing your keywords.

Second, and according to other sources the third search engine after Google, is the Rambler. This catalog reduces the resources involved in the active promotion and increasing suspicion own visit. Fall under the control of external links - if they get too many in a short period of time, the reduction can not be avoided. However, Rambler appreciates the presence of tags in a content resource, without any allocation of styles.

Let us turn to the search engine Mail.ru, has increased dramatically over recent increase in attendance, perhaps due to the work on the design and a variety of services, access to a private users. In its search in Mail.ru, be aware that the system uses Google, slightly modifying the result - a third-party search engine optimizing the system to suit your needs.

Recommendations based on personal experience

It's no secret that I talk with many webmasters and professional SEOs. This experience is also complemented by SEO-reading literature and various articles, and often occur in the opening process of working on their own projects. Do not take this information as absolute truth, but I advise to read some interesting ideas and assumptions. And try to find out something else that is written below in order not to mislead each other.

1. Making outgoing links in the resource, try to refer to the rating, and related sites. At the same time pay attention to keywords, checking their demand with the help of special programs. The algorithm of search engines pay attention, first of all, it is the subject resources.

2. Do not refer to the resources that are blocked because of any wrongdoing on FFA sites and sites with low ratings. This will automatically decrease your own site more.

Особенности работы систем

3. With the amount of links on one page, you have to be careful. Different search engines set a limit of detection of such and will not be taken into account more than 100 outgoing links on a single page. But if you still have exceeded this threshold, then the decrease in the search engines will not happen.

4. Reference type sitewide - they are placed on each page of the resource, redirecting users to the same address. Such links are not registered by search engines, causing suspicion of reliability resource. Perhaps it is to be feared only sites with more than 1000 pages.

5. Now let's talk about keywords and their density on the page. Total solutions on this issue does not exist. It plays a significant role personal experience, so please be patient and independently analyze the output from the search engine results for specific queries by words. Each search engine has its own algorithm, so no need to look for solutions from a single search engine.

6. The age of the domain name is one of the key values ​​for determining the search engine ranking position in the resource.

7. Try to update the site more often, adding new materials - is positively valued by the search engines, which suggests that the site is "live" and developing. And to keep people interested in the resource will be an important argument.

8. Western domain by search engines take into account the area in which the site is located. At the top of the iceberg sites are located in areas. Gov,. Mil and. Edu (government resources, military and special services, as well as educational institutions). These domains are not on sale and get a place in such a zone can only serious organization. Therefore it is not the best way to search engine ranking affects the location of the site in the zone of the third level, not to mention the blogs of the fourth level.

9. Carefully about your audience - the search engines take into account the users accessing your resource, as well as the percentage of return on it. But is it surprising that a large number of returns to the page lowers rating of your site, seeing as non-thematic content.

10. Significantly lowered the page rank if links located on it are of no interest to the user. So try to post links correctly and not try to move the site simple quantity.

11. Search engines favorably evaluated the use of synonyms and words similar to the key.

12. If the resource is hyping the non-professionals, the enormous number of external links may result contrary to the downgrade of the resource in the network. On the other hand, this method is good for the downgrade of a resource, but is pre attend to acquire shadow domain.

13. There is a common myth that Google does not allow external links. In this case, the links are on the same and similar hosts in the IP belonging to the values ​​of h.h.h.0 h.h.h.225. However, the official Google employees have refuted this view, saying that there is no restriction on the IP-address on the external links.

14. Be sure to include complete information on hosting in the section «whois» - resources such search engines trust most. However, if the links are arranged so that they create a ring of resources belonging to the user, such a situation does not affect in a positive way on the position in the ranking.

15. An important point is the period for which the registered domain name. Search engines are preferred by those sites, registration period exceeds the others.

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  1. Denisko
    January 10, 2010 at 23:32

    I would not say that when the IP is better to create a new project. Rather, in the first stage it will be a means to add. costs and loss of the visitors. It is better to develop and upgrade project at the old address. And it is better that it was a 2-level domain, and is not free.


  2. Combox
    January 13, 2010 at 02:38

    As for content - Unique only. You can write the articles yourself, do a rewrite or to use other sources.


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    January 18, 2010 at 12:48

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    A full copy-paste does not allow (especially as it may affect both sites.)
    If you want to do a little rewriting and use please.
    A link to the source, do not forget of course.


  6. Vitali
    March 4, 2010 at 13:26

    Never before did not know such information. :) Thank you. :)


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    Thank you ... For a newbie blogger is a very useful article ...


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    As they say - make a website to myself was nice to read!


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