How to increase PR and TIC for rating WebAlta

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Today I'll tell you about the decisive criteria in the search engine WebAlta , having the utmost importance to the provisions of the website in its ranking - WR. In the algorithm that determines where the resource consists of the analysis of quotations and references to other resources. There are some factors, but they are kept in strict confidence.

Как поднять PR и ТИЦ для рейтинга WebAlta

So how do you raise the rating WebAlta

WebAlta young enough resource, but avoided it, I would not recommend it. Once all starts small and what will eventually be a web component WR known. However, the existence of links placed on your resource, not without reason considered WebAlta.

Registration in service calculated is likely to promote the search engine itself, so you have to give it some time. In addition, it will be a good incentive to attend to increase your PR and TIC resource.

How easy to pick up PR and TIC

One of the best services in the field of PR and increase the TIC is thelink . Do not try to trick the search engines by registering immediately in many resource-linkatorah - Use only tested and approved by the webmasters.

Linkatory, as their name implies, increase the performance of your website due to the mutual posting links to other sites. Advanced linkatory brought this process to a fully automated. For example, placing a link to the site, you get a common link to your resource, of course, if the user previously approved the transaction.

But be careful! If the search engines ENTERED resource that uses linkatory in the black list, then you will not see a high PR and TIC as a first-place ranking in Google.

BAN - this is a significant drawback of such services, and many of them are either not supported or are entered in the blacklist.

Link Exchange Manual

The process is simple, but doubtful. It requires constant monitoring of resources, which has links and finding new link partners.

To begin with, as you have probably figured out, you want to see the most suitable resources - on the topic, key words, for example, the number of hits per day. Do not be lazy, use the special software automatically displays these parameters.

Then, make a letter of offer and send moderators. Someone agree otherwise, in most cases, give up, and 20% may soon can generally delete a link to your website. That's really very time-consuming and problematic way to increase PR and TIC resource.

Create a personal directory of resources

Those who read this note to the end, I'll open secret - how to increase your PR and TIC resource practical and reliable way. For this we need to choose a good and consistent with the resource script. This will help you the best of its kind script firm CN catalog CNCat - not too expensive, well-written software. Successful use!

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