The weighted citation index

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The weighted citation index (vic)

The weighted citation index Yandex, too, and that vic - the option is becoming increasingly rare in conversations webmasters and SEOs. Witz not officially exist. At least, nothing about it says Yandex.

So there was this parameter ranging in nature or is it just stories?

Взвешенный индекс цитирования

The concept of "citation index" comes to the Internet from the scientific literature. There's the significance of the article or other work handwriting determined by the number of mentions in other scientific papers. So first there was just IC, not "balanced" and not a "theme", and he just stood for the number of links to the site.

What is the difference Vitz and PageRank

Why Google is practically no initial capital suddenly became the leading search engine in the Internet? The whole point of a new idea, which took into circulation Google.

And the idea is this: Google introduced a parameter called PageRank . And now in the basis of the ranking of search results is the number of external links. Each link - the likelihood that a user will enter through it on another site. This probability is calculated not only by the number of links, but also their quality. Thus, the opinion of the community of webmasters. Accounting for the "weight" referring pages just to be called weighted, so one link with the famous and weighty pages meant more than a dozen references, but with a small, obscure pages.

The same method for determining the weight of the pages have started to use in Yandex, and called it a weighted index of citing. Yandex employees themselves were given the following definition of this parameter: vic (weighted citation index) - an indicator of credibility pages analogue of Google PageRank with all the details of the calculation algorithm. The values ​​of vic not only used to rank the documents as clearly mentioned in the help section, but also appear in the toolbar Yandex, about the same as it is now displayed thematic index of citing - TCI . Value is output to the units, then on the forum said: "vic my site has grown to 73, down to 58."

Even then, these phrases were erroneous because the weighted citation index, as well as Google PageRank - characteristic of a single page, but not the entire site. Just print the value of Yandex toolbar vic only for the main page, unlike PageRank, whose green stripe danced from page to page, as, indeed, dancing and now.

The value of vic in the toolbar Yandex lasted until the fall of 2002, if I'm not mistaken. By the time the advanced optimizatorskih minds have recognized the impact of magic numbers and the real impact on the position of vic pages in search results, and then tsenoobrazovali vITsy in USD and started haggling at first covertly and then openly. Perhaps because of this, and replaced in the toolbar on the value of vic TCI. Topic with a discussion of the replacement can be found in the archive Forum SearchEngines.Ru.

Differences Vitz and TCI

Introduced TCI - thematic index of citing - is directly linked with the catalog Yandex, it also weighs in, but do not take into account the weight referring pages, and thematic proximity referring site in the catalog. Between vic and TCI are some significant differences. First, TCI - characteristics of the entire site, rather than a single page. Second, TCI does not directly affect the ranking of the results of basic research, but only on the results of the directory search. The latter statement has repeatedly been questioned and provoked intense debate, because an increase in TCI's usually climbed higher in search results. Explained and explained simply - TCI is growing for a reason, and often with an increase in the number of external links, but the same links add weight to some pages of the website, and that's improved position in search results.

Verify the claim could be something like this. Observed position of the site, not included in the catalog Yandex, for certain queries. After which the site was added to the catalog. Typically, the TCI website has changed in leaps and bounds, and position of the site in the search results have changed slightly.

And what about the vic? How to Yandex determine the weight of individual pages? Only indirectly, using the same TCI and PageRank, the man who "up to the implementation details." But PageRank values ​​strongly roughened and updated only once a quarter. So talk about the "fat face" for Yandex, measuring their fat content in terms of Google.

As for the impact of vic on page position in search results, so far the effect exists. In the same Google search results when building uses more than 200 different settings pages and sites. Yandex would not be a market leader, if neglected parameters such as the weight of the page.

If you go to the library, you can find statements by Alexander Sadovsky, then still optimizer that the impact of vic noticeable when navigating queries when the declining influence of the text pages. There's also Ilya Segalovich noted that the vic recalculated each time the apdeyte. But all this is an echo of 2002.

At the moment of vic can be used for weighing the text of inbound links and its effect on the position of the page. That is, the keywords in the link text on a page with a lot of vic stronger lift in the search results page on which the link leads, than the same link with a less weighty page. Citation weighted index may be used by itself, without the text in the same navigation queries, when two pages of all the other characteristics are almost identical.

All of the above is not the ultimate truth, but only the opinion of the author. Here's how to answer Ilya Segalovich (link above), the question of what the developers feel Yandex watching guesses about the performance of their algorithms, "We do not have any emotions. All items algorithms are and will be hidden. This is perfectly normal and, indeed, necessary. "

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