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I look around and marvel at.

It turns out that not everyone is familiar with words such as "Click", "Dora", "Yasha", etc.

I'm not talking about people who are not related to life on the Internet. They is forgivable. Why, say, my grandmother :) to know that Yash and Aska is not only the names of people? ..

But when're talking to webmasters who work directly in the field of high technology, and they ask again: "Click? What? Say please. " How can you explain something to a student, even if you are experienced in no inheritance?

So decided to bring some of the most basic (!) Terms in this small but very necessary dictionary.

AJAX - a way of using multiple related technologies. Its principle of operation is based in the "background" data-sharing browser to the web server. As a result, the data is refreshed web page is not reloaded completely, allowing it to accelerate the download, and can run applications faster and more convenient.

CMS (Content Managment System) - Content Management System. Allows for convenient and automated control site content.

CPM - in the translation of «cost per 1000 impressions», which means "the price per 1000 impressions."

CTR - Click-Through-Ratio, is the percentage of clicked (clicked) through advertisements number of people to his shows.

IP address - the unique address of a computer (server) to a local area network or the Internet, consisting of four whole numbers (from 0 to 255 in decimal notation) separated by dots. For example The numeric form addresses used by computers to human numerical address is inconvenient, so it is replaced by a domain name.

MFA - Made For AdSense (made for AdSense). In other words, the site has a high CTR and advertised in AdSense.
These sites are all known tests such as "date of your death," "When you die", "How much you have left to live," etc.

PageRank (PR) - read here .

SEO (Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Optimization) - a set of measures aimed at improving the visibility of a website in search engine results for a set of key phrases.

SEO Optimizer (SEOshnik, SEOs sometimes just webmaster) - a person whose activities are aimed at optimizing the site for search engines.

SMO - Social Media Optimization, which literally means "Social Optimization" or "Social Media Optimization". This is a purely technical process of selection or "manufacture" of site content, which in the future will be easy to use on forums, blogs, online communities, etc. Simply put, we do it in such a way that it often referred to blogs discussing quoted, etc. That in turn will give a decent amount of inbound links to your site.

Standalone blog (Stand Alone) - means that the engine is on the personal blog hosting its owner.

Startup (startup) - translated from the English startup - run. Is a startup recently launched a unique project which will be developed on the basis of innovative technologies or innovations.

WebMoney - online payment system, which is used for millions of people around the world.

XSS attack - the vulnerability of the site at which an attacker can place its code on pages.

Alias ​​(Alias) - additional domain name that refers to the same site. For example: and

Anchor - the link text. For example: <a href=""> Seo terms </ a> This link phrase «Seo terms" and will Encore.

Update Licensure (An issue) - Change the position of many sites in search engines. This occurs due to update the database of search results or change the algorithm MS.

Bug - bugs on the site or in the page code.

Ban - blocking. It is used to punish Internet users. Ban may be superimposed on the ip, a questionnaire on the account for e-mail, etc.

Bot (robot search robot, spider, Spider) - a program that is an integral part of any modern PC. Boat is designed to bypass the site in accordance with a specific queue, their primary processing and archiving for later processing indexer MS.

Bucs - a site that pays money for viewing advertisements.

Becky (backlinks, backlinks) - inbound links to your site.

Issuance (SERP, Search Engine Result Page, Search Results, Hammer) - the page that the user is issued in response to a query in a string of PS.

GS (Shit site) - a site similar to a million of the same sites with lots of ads and unique content, often created for the sale of options.

Domain - read here .

Door, Doorway - specially designed and optimized page for a particular query. His goal is to hit the top issue of the SS. Getting on the doorway you will be redirected to the basic - the promoted website.

Fatty link - the link supplied with a reputable site which has high rates of TCI and PR.

Mirror - a full copy of the site, including the design and content. Mirrors are used for hedging: If for any reason a website fails, its mirror will remain available. Thus, the site is always operational.

Index - a database search engine, created in the process of indexing pages collected by the search bot.

CAPTCHA (captcha) - «Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart» - Completely Automated Public Turing test to distinguish between computers and humans). Is often of a character set that is quite easy to identify the person, but almost unrecognizable to a computer. Thus, it serves to determine whether a user (machine / man). The most commonly used to protect against spam.

Cloaking (cloaking, hiding) - SEO reception (Prohibited PS), with which you can bring in the top site for a given query in a short period of time. The essence of cloaking is simple and as old as the world: the major search engines for text on the page is hidden from the user, but remains visible to search engines, then the SS gives greater priority to the page on which was placed the text of this form.

Content (Content) - The textual content page. Also, the content can be called graphics, multimedia, video, audio, etc.

Linkopomoyka - this site has a lot of external links.

Muzzle - the main page of the site.

NC, LF - low frequency request. But the low frequency query is a loose concept, because many believe differently. And the figures here will result in inappropriate, because it may be 5 requests per month and 1000. Depends on the subject.

Parsing - automatic processing, in order to obtain the necessary data. For example: parsing issue on the subject position of the site, parsing in order to collect the addresses of sites relevant topics.

Ping - a request that is sent to one site to another. For example, when updating a blog, it automatically sends a ping search engines.

Footcloth - page with a large amount of content (mainly text), and a long scroll bar. These pages are slow to scroll scroll of the mouse, which is very inconvenient.

PS (search engine) - read here .

Puzomerki - a numerical value assigned rating / search engine / directory (and other) site. For optimizers most important and significant puzomerki are TCI and PR .

Relevance - the extent to which the request and found, that is, relevance results.

Satellite (Satellite) - in Russian means "companion." This is a helper website created to promote the main site by putting links on it. Thereby improving the position promoted by the site at the request of or raising rates TCI and PR.

Server - read here .

Draught (pass-through link) - link located on every page of the site.

Bonding - a dishonest way to increase the TCI and PR. PR is used to glue the 310 redirect for TCI - host.

Snippet - the text of pages found by the search engine to be used as a result of a link in the search results. For example, for Yandex has 4 sources of the formation of the snippet is:
1. text with keywords;
2. top of the page;
3. Yandex catalog description;
4. text links.

Teaser - it (from the English. Teaser - Teaser) ad unit, usually under strictly customized website design that does not have a specific information about the product or service, and may carry such an intriguing puzzle or phrase.

TCI (Thematic Citation Index) - read here

Traffic - read here .

TS - topikstarter, ie man laid the foundation topics in the forum. Some also under the vehicle imply TemaSozdatel.

HC (level) - is the distance from the main page. For example 2UV (the second level of nesting) means that the page is two clicks away from the homepage. Or 3UV (third nesting level) means that the page is in three clicks away from the homepage.

Frame (Frame) - on the same page when the browser opens two or more sections of sites, respectively, one site contains a portion of the other.

Hosting - read here .

Black optimization - how to promote your site, which search engines frown. These methods include cloaking, doorway pages, hidden text, etc.

NC - "human readable URL (web address)," ie, This was back when the browser address bar, we see address types: instead:

Shave - (for example, affiliate programs) it cuts the real numbers of transitions. For example, if your banner passed by 100 people, and the affiliate program will only count 80.

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