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In this modern age more and more people to freely "instrument" words that seemingly have recently been exceptionally professional technical terminology.

Let us think how often we hear, for example, the word "hosting" and its various derivatives? Yes, quite often, and not even in the computer lounge, and in the simple everyday life, in everyday parlance.

Обзор бесплатных хостингов для файлов

"Free web hosting" and "Cheap Hosting" is increasingly interested in ordinary people. Here's how firmly the Internet has introduced their networks into our lives, that's how much we depend on it: sometimes it is not only a source of recreation and entertainment, but also the work and the major developments in the field of new technologies, and, of course, part of the learning process.

We live in the 21st century, the Internet is literally permeates his giant web of all spheres of our life with the unreal amount of resources. The main resource - is a web server. "Hosting" and "Web Server" - is closely related concepts. And add up to a unified picture of the words: hosting web server. And everyone is clear about what is at stake.

Well, almost everything.

So what is Web Hosting

Let's start with him. This is the term Internet (from the English «hosting», original - «host»). The value of the original word about it: the owner. If you find a synonym for the computer closer to the subject, it is a kind of "host." Another synonym - innkeeper - seemingly far removed from the computer world, but, oddly enough, it is closest to the truth.

In other words, your page on the Internet service provider is a computer, as well as any other page.

So why is it needed, this hosting

Suppose you have a website. It is located on your computer, but you need to be seen, and other users of the Internet. Of course, it must somehow accommodate the Internet, and so had access to it from anywhere. Why would you all call to his home to show this page! You may need many more Soup to several people at once can look at your page on the Internet, and the computer has to work around the clock ... Anyway, this is stupid, agree.

So how do you do

We have considered hosting - the location of your site - on your computer, and it seemed absurd, and implied a number of problems associated with the investment of time and money. Paid web hosting also costs money, but it's not such a big cost to reach your goal. Paid a certain amount of money - and live quietly, no problems.

Example host that combines both comfort and affordable price - this FastVPS .

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