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Color directly affects a person's mood, his state of health. Therefore, to create a unique and unrepeatable site that evokes positive emotions in visitors, carefully choose its color scheme.

Бесплатные сервисы для создания цветовой схемы сайта

After all, some colors can attract users, others - scare them away. Any site that is usually directed at a specific target audience, which has its own preferences about color palettes.

Be an effective color scheme of the site - it is a fascinating, but often time-consuming and difficult task for a web designer. Even the masters of their craft, at times, make mistakes. To avoid them and choose a good color palette for your website, you can take advantage of specific services. They are aimed at solving problems by selecting appropriate colors and create your own unique style.

Fortunately, the Internet, there is a wide selection of free online tools to find the best color scheme.

1. Kuler


Kuler - one of the most powerful color tools for professional designers, presented by Adobe. The colors in the Kuler are different formats, such as LAB, HSV, RGB and CMYK. It allows you to share and create a palette of color schemes to modernize others according to their needs. To use Kuler, you need an account Adobe.

2. Color Palette Generator

Color Palette Generator

Inspiration usually comes on suddenly and unexpectedly. Your hands may accidentally get an interesting picture with an unusual and attractive color schemes. To process these images created a color palette generator - Color Palette Generator. To get a detailed layout for the primary colors, you need to download the files in PNG or JPG. Use the Color Palette Generator and an individual look of any website is provided!

3. Contrast-A


Not the usual service to generate color schemes is the Contrast-A. It simulates different visual defects. Contrast-A uses a technical approach to the configuration of the palette, providing detailed information on the ratio of the luminance channel and differences in brightness and color. To create a minimalist site with a small number of complementary colors, use this particular service.

4. ColorZilla


Easy to use and extremely versatile plugin ColorZilla. Initially, this application was developed as a complement to the browser Firefox, but in Google Chrome it can be used. ColorZilla - a tool that will determine the value of many colors and define the difference between them.

5. ColoRotate


Colorotate boasts excellent visualization of the "color wheel". It has similar functionality to the Kuler: saving and editing their color schemes, view color palettes other designers. But, unlike the Kuler, Colorotate palette is on a beautiful three-dimensional cone and is capable of producing more than 5 colors in one design. The tool can be integrated with the popular Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks, some applications Creative Suite. It can be used as an application for the iPad.

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  1. wlad2
    May 18, 2011 at 17:48

    Thank you very much, very helpful to the design of Kuler Adsense blocks on my sites ... increased CTR.


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