Inferno Solutions: the best for a successful webmasters

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Of course, the best by far the hosting company is InfernoSolution . It offers excellent quality and favorable rental rate for VPS / VDSna platform XEN.

Inferno Solutions: лучшее для успешных вебмастеров

The advantages of the platform XEN:

  1. Freedom and total control. At the core of the OS can be freely make adjustments, or completely replace it. Besides, the open access list IP-addresses.
  2. Reliability. Personal file system VPS / VDS and its own OS kernel for XEN platform provides high reliability, rather than on OpenVZ.
  3. No overselling. In 99% of cases in OpenVZ VPS / VDS is overselling. Its rate is as high as 10, although the customer often does not know about it. Therefore, VPS / VDS has the lowest cost per OpevVZ.

InfernoSolution is a reliable company and provides services for any purpose.

Pharma - VPS / VDS in Canada . After agreement and other countries.

Adult - VPS / VDS in the Netherlands or the United States .

I advise you to pay attention to their suggestions for VPS / VDS. But a frank violation of the existing laws, of course, will not work.

A variety of suggestions for VPS interest those who want to put on XEN torrent, hrumer, doorway, parser, warez, etc. A rental server already includes the following essential services:
- Clock communication with technical support;
- The transfer of resources from the server to the old host;
- Administration Pack: will be useful for those who are first confronted with VPS / VDS and does not have sufficient knowledge to work, the administration also provides a one-time services, if required solution of minor problems - such feature saves time and money while protecting the client from additional costs.

It was especially nice to know about the discount of 50% on rent VPS. This discount applies to all her life. For those who have time to order the VPS on a new site in Estonia by the end of June - guaranteed price reduction. To do this, write down the promo code: EST50

More familiar with the proposals of InfernoSolution , I made ​​for myself the positive findings and recommend that you contact their resource if the search VPS / VDS for you to become a priority. Another proof of the above words are numerous testimonials from professional webmasters online

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Published: Sunday, June 12, 2011 at 11:58
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  1. Graber
    June 12, 2011 at 15:18

    Have been using their server 3 months. Support for 5 + uptime while pleasing.


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