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Today I'll show you how to easily install the "VKontakte" on your blog or site. Typically, they are placed under the articles or photographs, which want to share with other users.

Установка кнопки Сохранить Вконтакте

In addition, the name of the button and its design, you can choose your own - it could be like "I like" and "share" or "Save VKontakte." By placing a button on your site, you provide the possibility of more than 70 million registered users VKontakte talk about the materials posted on your site.

Button is programmed to automatically display links to your URL when a user clicks on it. However, his friend-list is notified about the event, allowing to collect a few more hits to your site.

Instructions on how to add the button "VKontakte"

To get started go here: Publication of links VKontakte , which select the most appropriate format for us: the button without the counter, without a link icon, or simply - the button, link or icon.

Как добавить кнопку Сохранить Вконтакте на сайт

You can replace the words "Save" to any other.

Получить код кнопка ВКонтакте

Now that copies the first part of the code in html, which is inserted between the <head> and </ head> of your page. Then copy the following piece of code, placing it in the location of the body html (between <body> and </ body>), where you want to install the "VKontakte".

It also happens that the host does not support dynamic content and JavaScript, please refer to the documentation for additional setup button VKontakte . Just please note that this button can replace the reference to linkatoram often subjected to blocking of the search engines.

Successful use and promotion of resource!

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Published: Friday, June 17, 2011 at 12:32
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