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How to take a screenshot of the video file

Take a screenshot with BSplayer:
Сделать скриншот с помощью BSplayer

  1. Open the video file BSplayer'om.
  2. Right-click on the player or on the image window.
  3. Options (Options).
  4. Capture Frame (Frame Save / Capture frame).
  5. Choose - original size.
  6. PS screens themselves are the default player remains in its root directory.

Take a screenshot using VLC media player:
Сделать скриншот с помощью VLC media player
Opening the VLC media player you're doing sledueschee:

  1. Open the settings Settings → Preferences ... (Ctrl-S).
  2. In the settings click on the Video (as shown in the screenshot).
  3. Next click on Browse, to select a folder / directory where the screenshots will be saved.
  4. Select the desired folder / directory. (In our case it is a "Desktop").
  5. Click on the "OK" button.
  6. Click on the «Save».

After that, close the VLC media player and open the movie / video file (so that VLC perestartonulsya).
When making a video, press Ctrl + Alt + S or go to Video → Snapshot.
Now the screenshot is in the folder you specified in the 4 that point.

Take a screenshot with KMPlayer:
Сделать скриншот с помощью KMPlayer

  1. Start the movie from which you want to make a screen in KMPlayer.
  2. Stop to pause for a pleasing picture.
  3. Press Ctrl + E and save it to the folder.

In order to be displayed in the menu item "Capture" in the settings (menu "Settings" should enable the "Show full menu").

Take a screenshot with Media Player Classic:
Сделать скриншот с помощью Media Player Classic

  1. In Media Player Classic to open the film with which you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Find the frame you want, press pause, then - File → Save Image.
  3. Choose the extension *. Png or *. Jpg, save the file.

Ошибка GetCurrentImage

If you create a screenshot you crash bug «GetCurrentImage failed, hr = 8000ffff»

View Options Output 8000ffff

you need to go to View → Options → Output and change the existing setting for one of the two options.

How to take a screenshot of the program in Windows

Make a screenshot of the standard means of Windows:
Клавиша PrintScreen

  1. Install the program, we want to share.
  2. Run the program (available in the window, it is possible in full screen mode).
  3. Press the key combination Alt and Print Screen - the picture window in the clipboard.
  4. Как сделать скриншот Paint Run any editing software such as Paint. Click Edit → Paste.
  5. Copy image window.
  6. Click on File → Save As.
  7. Select the file type: png (about formats, see below) and specify the file name, save.

Take a screenshot with FastStone Capture:

  1. Download the program from the developer's site .
  2. Run the program and FastStone Capture, a screenshot of which needs to be done.
  3. Press Alt + PrtSc to save the image of the active window when you press, or Shift + PrtSc if you want to take a picture of only a portion of the window.
  4. Select the "Save As", the format *. Png or *. Jpg

How to take a screenshot Games

Make a screenshot of the game using standard Windows:
Similarly, as a screenshot of the program into Windows, except that instead of launching a program of the game.

Take a screenshot with the aid of FRAPS:

  1. Run FRAPS
  2. Make the necessary settings:
    - Image Format - format saved screenshots. Recommended JPEG or PNG
    - Screen Capture Hotkey - button, when clicked, will create a screenshot.
    - Folder to save screenshorts in - the folder in which to save screenshots.
    Сделать скриншот FRAPS
  3. Then you need to minimize the program the program to run the game. Clicking on the selected hotkey, make some shots. You can find them in the directory specified in the settings.

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