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Every computer connected to the network via a network server (ISP) accepts or pays a certain amount of information, which is called traffic.

Seo учет интернет трафика

Taken into account its size in bits or bytes. If data is sent from the computer, in this case the outgoing traffic, and if data arrives at the computer, then it is an incoming traffic.

In addition, it is internal or external. Let's imagine that a computer on the local network (this may be a certain group of friends who live in the same house), has simultaneous access to the Internet using a dedicated line.

In this case, the internal traffic - traffic is a mutual exchange of information between users within a local network, and the data that comes to every user of the network from the Internet, are external.

With regard to internal traffic, it is usually free, but not so on the outside. Pay for it determines the local provider, which provides access to the Internet, thus setting their own rates for users.

But sometimes it is not always made payment and external traffic. A lot of Internet users do not think about it, if in order to get online, use the telephone dial-up. In this case, users pay only for the time that it takes to stay on the Internet. In this case, your provider has a much greater benefit than you.

Try to imagine the amount of time during which you can download for dial-up film of some of 800.0 megabytes, if only to paid for traffic. It seems that not a single day - that's for sure! And all this because of 800.0 megabytes? Busting provider is guaranteed! That's the reason you pay the time.

A completely different situation occurs when there is broadband Internet access or the ability to use a dedicated line. Here, the speed of a different level. Within a very short period of time, you can download a very large amount of information. Provider is much more profitable to not charge a fee for the time and for the amount of traffic.

All that was stated above, can be attributed to consumers (that is, to those who sit for hours on social networks, corresponding with friends and downloading movies, music and much more). But there is another category of people, which includes those who supply consumers with all the information they need. They have a completely different view and attitude to traffic.

The owners own website on a paid hosting get a certain amount of traffic for a fee. In case of exceeding this amount, they have to make an extra charge.

But the owner of the website has the ability to earn traffic . This is the so-called positive or advertising traffic. Its size depends on many factors, such as quality of life, the degree of popular site, its themes and many other components.

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  1. guest
    August 27, 2010 at 08:42

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    It is an indispensable tool for the system administrator is able to streamline and make more effective its work.

    TraffPro system is not demanding to resources, is easy to install and maintain. No special knowledge to work with it is not required, so that access to data can be either a system administrator, and the head of the company.

    The operating system is Linux!!!


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